Groningen Vs Ajax Eredivisie Clash Abandoned After Fans Throw Smoke Explosions Into The Pitch [Video]


It was a gory and terrifying scene at the Euroborg Stadium as Groningen hosted Ajax in Eredivisie matchday 32 clash.

In a rare and terrific live scenes, the match had to be called off by officials immediately after it was obvious it could not be continued.

Irate fans, apparently maddened ultras, interrupted the game with violent and terrifying smoke explosions.

The match was already underway when the incident forced it to be halted after just five minutes.

In viral footages, belly-churning smokes from the explosions could be seen billowing into the sky, distracting play.

After the sudden halt of the game, the players and officials were immediately evacuated off the pitch for safety and security concerns.

Groningen Vs Ajax
Smoke explosions rocked Groningen Vs Ajax Eredivisie match

While the match was stopped, it was not immediately canceled as officials wait to confirm possible security breaches which could be fixed for the match to continue.

However, things spiral out of control as the irate fans could be seen trouping in their large numbers into the pitch.

Hence, the match was officially called off and postponed after 10 minutes, five minutes after the smoke explosions.

It was unclear when the game will be rescheduled during the disaster with the officials keen on ensuring the match is replayed before the next Eredivisie matchday.

Groningen Vs Ajax
Irate fans began to invade the pitch

Now, it has been confirmed the match has been rescheduled to Tuesday, 16 May, with maximum security expected at the Euroborg Stadium ahead of the rescheduled fixture.

Investigations into the incident has begun to fish out the erring fans who interrupted the game.

According to reports from Dutch media, the smoke explosions must have been likely planted by the home fans, who are unhappy with how Groningen is being run.

Before the Ajax game, Groningen’s relegation to Dutch second-tier was confirmed when they settled for a 1-1 draw against Go Ahead Eagles in their last game.

Groningen Vs Ajax
The match was later abandoned

Groningen fans were reportedly intent on disrupting the match by holding on with their interference.

After the first explosion, the match was just delayed temporarily and was later resumed shortly. The fans then planted more smoke explosions. Scary smokes could be seen billowing into the cloud before the fans forcefully invaded the pitch leading to the evacuation of the players and officials before the game.was finally abandoned.

While Groningen have been confirmed relegated from the Eredivisie, Ajax have lost their giant status in the Eredivisie. They are off the title race and are not likely to finish in Champions League spot.

They may be battling for a place in European third-tier, Europa Conference League next season as they are fourth on the table with 63 points from 31 games with three matches left to the end of the season.



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