Graham Potter: Why has Todd Boehly Not Sacked Chelsea’s Coach?


After a rallying cry by Chelsea fans, Thomas Tuchel was axed as Chelsea manager, and Graham Potter was appointed as the new manager.

Graham Potter

Conspiracy theories were spurned out to explain the dismissal of Thomas Tuchel.
Some pundits attributed it to the German’s underwhelming start to the season while others linked it to the desire of Todd Boehly to eke out a new dawn at the club by getting rid of all remnants of the storied Roman Abramovich era.

Whatever the reason behind the sack of Tuchel, Chelsea’s disastrous start under Graham has made Tuchel’s purported errors pale into insignificance.

Some sections of the Chelsea fanbase are even calling for Tuchel to return – a seemingly noisy cry in the ears of Todd Boehly and Behdad Eghbali.

Chelsea’s general impatience with their managers when the results are not forthcoming is second to none.

Most iconic Chelsea managers such as Jose Mourinho, Maurizio Sarri, Antonio Conte, Di Matteo, and Rafa Benitez have been axed midway into Premier League season.

Hence, it wasn’t shocking when Thomas Tuchel was relieved of his role a few games into the 2022/23 season, although he won the Champions League a few months back.

Todd Boehly appointed Graham Potter as the new Chelsea manager after the sack of Tuchel. Potter was never a high-profile manager, but his exploits at Brighton was appealing to the new Chelsea owner, who was eager to set rolling a new dispensation with the former Brighton boss.

Since Graham Potter took over the reins, Chelsea have been a shadow of itself, smashed by big and small teams with ease.

The Blues have witnessed a drastic decline that has stunned pundits. Graham Potter is now Chelsea’s most underperforming manager in the club’s history.

He has the least win percentage and has left the club in 10th position on the table, 14 points adrift of the top four and 26 points away from league leaders Arsenal.

The under-pressure gaffer has taken charge of 19 games since his arrival, winning only five games, drawing six, and losing eight.

His last two Premier League matches ended in defeats to Southampton and Tottenham Hotspur compounding the woes of the club.

Graham Potter’s disastrous spell with the Blues is coming at the backdrop of a record £585m sum that has been sunk into the club by Todd Boehly to bring the finest young talents into the team.

With the club’s sharp decline, fans have been clamoring for the sack of Potter. However, it appears such calls have fallen on deaf ears.

Why is Todd Boehly not sacking Graham Potter?

After assuming the reins as new Chelsea owner, Todd Boehly primed for a new era in the club and had fancied the blueprints of Potter instead of Tuchel – a remnant of the old order.

Todd Boehly saw Graham Potter as a great long-term prospect and companion in his bid to transform and swerve things to his taste at Stamford Bridge.

Graham Potter was stepping into a somewhat oversized shoe when he joined Chelsea as a manager from Brighton. But the American investor reportedly promised the 47-year-old his long-term backing even when the results are not forthcoming.

As things stand, it is still unknown how long Todd Boehly will endure the club’s abysmal run and keep to his word after spending a fortune on the club.

Meanwhile, Graham Potter is coming under intense pressure from Chelsea fans after the Tottenham loss in the Premier League.

He still has another make-or-break tie against Borussia Dortmund in the Champions League round 16 second leg. A defeat at Stamford Bridge against the Bundesliga giants may be the final straw that will break the camel’s back.


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