Gonzalo Montiel Ordered To Undergo Psychiatric Evaluation Amid Rape Allegations


Gonzalo Montiel has been at the center of controversy after being accused of rape by a model following an incident at his birthday party in January 2019.

It has been reported that Gonzalo Montiel has been instructed to undergo a psychiatric evaluation about the rape accusations made against him.

The 27-year-old Argentina World Cup hero was playing for River Plate at the time the incident happened and he has denied the allegations.

According to The Sun, Montiel, along with his friend Alexis Acosta, has been accused of drugging and raping the woman who claims to be Carolina.

The alleged victim also claims to have been threatened by the player’s relatives and associates after the rape incident.

As per The Sun, the rape victim initially struggled to name or describe the alleged perpetrators, but after receiving psychological therapy, she appeared on TV to claim she could now remember more details.

She said: “I am Carolina, a model and hostess, and survivor of group sex abuse in which the principal author was Gonzalo Montiel, who scored the last goal in the World Cup.”

“It was his birthday and he invited me to his home. We were getting to know each other.

“They drugged me until I was unconscious. That was proven during the investigation, that and my screaming during the party.”

She explained that the delay in bringing the case to court was due to her extensive search for a lawyer, as every lawyer she approached was hesitant to go to trial.

She added: “Gonzalo raped me. I spent a long time looking for lawyers. All of them wanted to negotiate. None wanted to go to trial.

“I give thanks to the foundation which provided me with psychologists and psychiatrists and my lawyer Raquel.”

Carolina’s lawyer, Raquel Hermida, has denied reports that the investigation has been shelved and has called for psychiatric evaluations to be conducted on Montiel and Acosta, alleging “irregularities” in the case.

As a result of these serious allegations, Montiel has now been ordered to return to Argentina for a psychiatric evaluation on September 17 and 20.

His friend Acosta will also undergo the same evaluation on September 2 and 5.

Meanwhile, Nottingham Forest are yet to comment on the situation, but the club will be closely monitoring the developments surrounding Montiel and his involvement in this scandal.

The news of Montiel’s situation has shocked fans and the football community alike.

The outcome of the psychiatric evaluations will be crucial in determining the next steps in this ongoing investigation.

It should be noted that no indictments have been submitted by the prosecution as of now, and it is unclear whether the case will go to trial.

The situation remains tense and we’ll bring more information about the alleged crime to light as it unfolds.


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