Georgina Rodriguez forced to debunk assertions Ronaldo is “fed up with her”


    The partner of Cristiano Ronaldo, Georgina Rodriguez was forced to rebut assertions that Cristiano Ronaldo is “fed up” with her after they were reportedly seen being involved in a heated argument in public.

    The pair stocked up gossips that their relationship is passing through times following a “monumental shouting match” while they were boarding a plane.

    Rumors about problems between the Portuguese star and the Argentine model have been spreading ever since Ronaldo joined Saudi Arabian giants Al Nassr.

    Cristiano Ronaldo and Georgina Rodriguez during the footballer’s unveiling in Saudi Arabia

    In the last couple of days Portuguese media indicated the pair is at the brink of going seperate ways as the former Real Madrid attacker “is fed up with her”.

    Amidst that, a witness expressed Ronaldo and Georgina got involved in a big row just before boarding a plane.

    Speaking with Spanish journalist Abel Planelles, a source said: “They had a monumental shouting match before getting on a plane.”

    Georgina Rodriguez hit back at the rumours

    However, Georgina Rodriguez fired back at the rumours with a post on her Instagram story where she posted a picture of the night sky, with lyrics from the song If I Die, by Romeo Santos.

    Georgina Rodriguez forced to deny claims Cristiano Ronaldo is fed up with her after ‘monumental shouting match’ on jet

    The post read: “The envious invents the rumour, the gossip spreads and the idiot believes it.”

    The gossips regarding the couple’s relationship were stoked up even further by comments made by a friend of Cristiano Ronaldo’s mum, Leo Caeiro.

    He stated on Noite das Estrelas program: “I have been saying it for months, they are not well and it is likely that they will separate. 

    “The reality is that Ronaldo is fed up with her. Thats the reality. I keep saying that there will be no wedding, they are together to feed the product.”

    Additionally, Spanish jounralist Daniel Nascimiento, who takes part in the Netflix documentary series, I am Georgina, established the influencer spends all her time “spending.”

    Daniel Nascimiento said: “Georgina spends all day stuck in a shopping center in Riad and that is one of the reasons why Cristiano is beginning to find this story not funny. 

    “In the series, she does nothing but spend, spend and spend, and worst of all, she believes that she is equal to Cristiano.”

    Cristiano Ronaldo and Georgina Rodriguez began dating in 2017 after meeting at a Gucci store she worked during the time the Portuguese was at Real Madrid.

    Georgina Rodriguez and Cristiano Ronaldo

    In 2017 she birthed their daughter Alana Martina and four years later they announced they were anticipating twins.

    Sadly their son Angel died at birth but their daughter Bella Esmeralda survived and she celebrated her first birthday earlier in April with Ronaldo marking the special day.

    In the second series of her hit Netflix show I am Georgina, Georgina shared how it was like when they first met.

    Georgina Rodriguez also in the second series revealed the weirdest location she and Cristiano Ronaldo have had sex.

    She stated: “I had avoided bathing on the beach, but I came home and Cris told me to go to the spa.

    “I was fed up with having my arms like this. Also, in the pool at home, I almost don’t stand up and I say, ‘I give up”

    A friend of Cristiano Ronaldo, Ivan was stunned at what Georgina Rodriguez said and he retorted, “You would have had sex on the bed, not a spa.”

    She then quickly responded, “no we did it right there.”

    Georgina Rodriguez debunks claims of she and Ronaldo going seperate ways

    She also revealed in the second  season of the Netflix series that she and the football icon are “married in the eyes of God”

    Georgina stated: “I really couldn’t be more married. Cristiano and I are married in the eyes of God, that’s all that matters to me.

    “He protects us and keeps us together. One day though, a ceremony will follow.

    “I’m lucky I can show you dreams really do come true. I appreciate the opportunities God has given to me.”

    The seeming response from the model against the claims that her relationship with Ronaldo is heading for the ditch would be a sigh of relief to those who are fans of the union.


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