Gareth Bale talks about the “stupid question” that made him walk off a post-match interview


On Saturday night, June 26, 2021, Gareth Bale was called to the pitchside for a post-match interview after Denmark defeated Wales 4-0 in the round of 16 stage of Euro 2020 and ended the interview abruptly.

The interviewer asked him whether the game was his last for the Wales national team and the 31-year-old Real Madrid winger got angry and walked away from the post-match interview.

Afterward, he had an interview session with S4C where the issue was raised and Gareth Bale noted that some people ask stupid questions. He went on to reveal that he intends to play for Wales until he stops playing football.

Gareth Bale walks away after he was asked whether he had played his last game for Wales.
Gareth Bale walks away after he was asked whether he had played his last game for Wales.

The winger who is expected to return to Real Madrid this summer after spending the just concluded 2020-2021 season on loan at Tottenham Hotspur said the priority of Wales is to qualify for the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

“I want to continue to play. People ask stupid questions all the time, but obviously, I love playing for Wales”, he said. “I’ll play for Wales until the day that I stop playing football…

“We’ve just started the World Cup campaign, and we need to take this experience into that.

“I feel like we have a very good way of playing when we play well and we need to keep that confidence high, keep playing football and I think we can qualify for the next World Cup.”

Wales caretaker coach Rob Page defends Gareth Bale

Wales caretaker coach Rob Page.

“I know you were asked yesterday if this was going to be your last game for Wales and you said you wanted at least another one…” was what the interviewer was saying to Bale before the football star decided to walk off.

His national team caretaker coach, Robert Page believes that Gareth Bale did the right thing for leaving the set of the interview. The coach went on to describe the question that was thrown at the footballer who was just knocked out of the European Championship as being insensitive.

“Like any other player in the changing room right now, he is disappointed,” Page told the post-match news conference.

“Why would he want to answer a question about his future? For me, it’s an insensitive question.

“What is the point of asking that when he’s just come off the pitch after a defeat? Emotions are raw, so he’s done the right thing by walking away and gathering his thoughts.”

On Wales’ 4-0 thrashing in the hands of Denmark, Page added: “It’s not how we wanted the game to go. We conceded a goal and the game changed a bit. We came out second half and conceded which killed the momentum on our part,” added Bale.

“The boys are angry and frustrated but I’d rather we went out kicking and screaming than laying off and doing nothing.

“We missed an opportunity but what we can’t fault is the effort and that’s the minimum requirement from the squad.”


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