Gabriel Magalhaes of Arsenal and his lover, Gabrielle Figueiredo, are expecting a baby girl


    Arsenal’s Center-back, Gabriel Magalhaes, and Gabrielle Figueiredo have confirmed that they are expecting a baby girl. The 24-year-old Brazilian football star took to his Instagram page to make the announcement recently.

    In Gabriel’s Instagram post, the footballer and his lover could be seen standing before a wall decorated with balloons and a teddy bear.

    In one of the poses, Gabriel Magalhaes kissed his lover’s baby bump. In another pose, the Brazilian football star and his beautiful damsel stood side by side while they kissed each other. While in another pose, the Brazilian footballer stood behind Gabrielle Figueiredo while he planted a kiss on her forehead.

    Gabriel kissed the forehead of Gabrielle Figueiredo.
    Gabriel kissed the forehead of Gabrielle Figueiredo.

    In the caption, Gabriel Magalhaes wrote in Portuguese that the baby bump of his lover is expected to produce a baby girl. He wrote: “Daughter, the girl chosen by God to make our lives smile.”

    A day before he made the announcement, Gabrielle surprised Gabriel by organizing a little get-together to announce the gender of her pregnancy.

    During the get-together, the ceiling displayed the color pink to announce to the football star that his lover was carrying a baby girl.

    Both Gabriel and his pregnant lover watched in amazement as the people at the scene of the event celebrated with the two lovers.

    In the caption, the football star wrote: “Ending my day with the hottest surprise of our lives… Looking forward to your arrival, daughter 💖 We love you!!!”

    Gabriel first announced to the world that he and his lover were expecting a child on December 11, 2021, during a Premier League match between Arsenal and Southampton. When he scored a goal in the match, he used the ball to make a pregnancy gesture while his teammates celebrated with him.

    Then, the football star was not sure of the gender in his partner’s womb, hence, he referred to the unborn baby as a son to whom he dedicated the goal. He wrote: “This goal is for you son, I can’t wait to meet you… With love Daddy 👶🏽❤️ God is good all the time!”

    The love affairs between Gabriel Magalhaes and Gabrielle Figueiredo have been in the public domain since 2020. As at last checked, there was no official report that they are married.

    However, in September 2021, the Arsenal football star proposed marriage to his Brazilian damsel and posted evidence of the proposal on his Instagram page.

    Gabriel Magalhaes of Arsenal and his lover, Gabrielle Figueiredo, are expecting a baby girl
    Gabrielle Figueiredo flashes her ring after saying yes to Gabriel Magalhaes.

    Hence, all things being equal, Gabriel who has made 17 appearances for Arsenal in all competitions this season in which he scored two goals, is expected to make his affairs with Gabrielle more official after the arrival of their daughter in 2022.


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