Gabriel Jesus Celebrates His Mother, Vera Lucia With Stunning Photos

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Arsenal and former Manchester City attacking midfielder Gabriel Jesus has celebrated the birthday of his mother, Vera Lucia in style.

Gabriel Jesus and Mum Vera Lucia

The Brazil international took to his Instagram page to share stunning photos and shots of him and his mum, Vera Lucia.

The influence of Gabriel Jesus’ mother, Vera Lucia Diniz de Jesus, on his footballer-son cannot be overemphasized.

More often than not, Gabriel Jesus has reiterated the role her mother played in her life after his father abandoned him and his other siblings at a very tender age.

After joining Manchester City from Brazil, Gabriel Jesus spoke extensively about the massive influence his mother has over his personal life and other aspects of his life.

Jesus reiterated that he will not let his new found fame after joining the richest club in the world jolt him in any way from his mum.

According to ‚Äčthe Mirror, Vera Lucia Diniz de Jesus, the mother of the Arsenal sensational midfielder, have access to the player’s wages and also control his weekly allowance.

There were reports also that the dietary lifestyle of the 25-year-old is well regimented by his mum.

Vera Lucia ensures that her son maintains a strict low, calorie diet.

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She also reportedly placed a ban on the Jesus from attending parties and nightclubs in Manchester when he was at Manchester City.

Gabriel Jesus
Gabriel Jesus and family

Vera had even ruled on the choice of Gabriel Jesus’s potential girlfriends by asserting that they must adhere strictly to his rule and standard if they must date her son.

“Girlfriends have to live by my rules, and there’ll be no heavy kissing. Staying over, only once in a while,” Vera Lucia said in an interview with the mirror.

Nevertheless, she does not expect her son to disrespect anybody’s daughter, but she demands respect, too, because, according to her, she raised Gabriel Jesus and his other siblings alone.

“I will never accept that my son disrespects the daughters of others. No son of mine is going to get someone else’s daughter pregnant. I demand respect because I raised all three of them on my own, with the help of God”, she noted.

Gabriel Jesus has not disputed her mother, but has confirmed how she raised him and his other siblings alone in the poor suburbs of Jardim Peri, in Sao Paulo.

In a touching story, it was revealed that Vera Lucia took odd and low-paying jobs, including working as a maid and cleaning the homes of the wealthy to raise money to care for her children.

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She also helped to support her son in a number of other ways, and still offers him advice on his football career.

Vera Lucia said: “I tell him that if he scores a goal, that’s great.

“But if he doesn’t, he’ll be welcomed back home with open arms the same way. I tell him to keep his eye on the game, to pick up rebounds.

“Stop trying to do those chips over defenders. I followed him through the football schools so I picked up a thing or two.”

Yet Jesus doesn’t seem to mind his mother’s nagging and once claimed: “My mum is always nagging me, but I will always want her to nag more.

“That’s why I’m who I am today, even though I’m just 19, I’ve been responsible from an early age.”

Gabriel Jesus phone call goal celebration

Gabriel Jesus

Gabriel Jesus had a rocky childhood and had struggled to get off the streets of Sao Paulo as a teenager.

His superb football skills was a doorway to his financial freedom and rise to stardom. Each time he scores, he places his four fingers on his ear as if he is making a phone call.

He has dedicated his celebration to those who helped him to get to where he is, especially his mum.

“She was another hero without a cape”, Jesus noted. “So when I score a goal now, even when she’s not in the stadium, I ‘pick up the phone’ and talk to her.”

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“When I pick up the phone, it is in honour of my mother and our struggle. But it is also in honour of my friends and family and Coach Mamede and everyone in Brazil who helped me get here.”

Gabriel has a daughter, Helena Jesus, born on 21st June 2022. He is not married but in a relationship with Raiane Lima, who is the mother of his newborn daughter.

Gabriel Jesus

Jesus is the youngest of his two other siblings and is now one of the wealthiest football stars.

His net worth is estimated to be $27m, with his weekly wage at Arsenal being $101,684.

Gabriel Jesus has been on top of his game since joining Arsenal from Manchester City. He has started every Premier League game and helped the team stay top of the Premier League table.

All the three Brazilian Gabriels in the Arsenal squad – Gabriel Maghales, Gabriel Martinelli and Gabriel Jesus were all left out of Brazil’s friendly in the last international break.

It is more likely that Gabriel Jesus may not make Brazil’s 2022 World Cup despite being in top form for his club, Arsenal.

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