Fresh Scandal Emerges as New Girl Reveals Phil Foden Tried to Meet With Her in a Hotel Behind his Girlfriend

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After Phil Foden was involved in the Icelandic girls’ controversy that cost him a place in the England squad, fresh reports have emerged that the 21-year-old had tried to see yet another girl at his girlfriend’s back.

Phil Foden has been with long-term girlfriend Rebecca Cooke since 2017 and they both share a son, Ronnie. However, When England traveled for their UEFA Nations League Clash against Iceland, Foden alongside Greenwood met with two other girls in the team hotel which cost them their place in England squad.

It’s reported that this actually isn’t the first time Phil Foden was seeing another girl behind Rebecca’s back as he was actually seeing another girl named Lucy Jones, a 23-year-old English make up artist from Middlewich, Cheshire.

Lucy came out to reveal that Foden was trying to meet up with her about a year ago.

“People need to know that wasn’t a one-off and what he’s like.

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“He was trying to do the same thing a year ago when he was messaging me in his England hotel.”

It is reported that the winger started messaging her in September 2019 when he was with the Under-21s in Turkey.

Lucy claims he sent her various Snapchat messages, a picture in his England shorts, and told her: “I can’t wait to get a hotel with you.”

She said: “I was flattered he was chasing me as he’s a Manchester City star. I was excited. But I knew it probably wouldn’t work out as he’s a footballer.

“He was probably messaging me for about two weeks before I worked out he had a girlfriend.

“He kept calling me gorgeous as the chats got more late at night. I sent him a few photos including one of me in my pajama bottoms and a bra which he seemed to love.”

They both arranged to go for a dinner-date at Piccolino Italian restaurant in Alderley Edge, Cheshire, five miles away from his home in Prestbury.

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Lucy, however, pulled out of the date when she discovered that Foden had a girlfriend with him he had a son with.

It is reported that Foden’s girlfriend Rebecca accused Lucy of stealing her boyfriend when she found out.

Lucy revealed that Rebecca told her: “Don’t worry, you’re not special. He’s been doing this with other girls.”

Fast forward one year,  Lucy now has a baby with a new partner, while Foden continues with his old tricks.

Foden, who was caught on camera with Greenwood inhaling nitrous oxide has come out to apologize, however, after all these controversies leveled against him, he faces a huge task of getting back into England’s set up for next summer’s Euros.

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