Frankfurt Goalkeeper Kevin Trapp Keeps a Clean Sheet Against Tottenham After he Bans Sex with Girlfriend Izabel Goulart


Frankfurt No1 goalkeeper Kevin Trapp who abstains from having sex with his stunning girlfriend, Wag Izabel Goulart after a loss keeps a clean sheet vs Tottenham.

Tottenham lost several golden opportunities in their struggle to earn another three points on the road in their Champions League. They managed to earn a 0-0 draw with Eintracht Frankfurt on Tuesday evening, thanks to Kevin’s impressive shield.

Kevin Trapp blocks Harry Kane Chances

No doubt Kevin Trapp’s girlfriend Izabel Goulart will have been delighted to see her partner maintain a clean sheet in Frankfurt’s defensive struggle against Antonio Conte’s hungry squad.

The 32-year-old Frankfurt goalkeeper had to strive to win or settle with a draw against Tottenham because a defeat would mean a sex ban for Trapp as he has frequently refused to make love to his girlfriend, Izabel, age 37, after a bad result throughout their relationship.

Kevin Trapp
Kevin Trapp and his girlfriend Izabel Goulart

The 37-year-old former Victoria’s Secret model, Izabel Goulart is engaged to the 32-year-old German goalkeeper Kevin whose partner keeps a clean sheet against Tottenham on Tuesday evening, October 4, 2022.

The German goalie, Kevin Trapp had a series of tough times in Frankfurt’s first Champions League group match of this season, conceding three goals in a crushing defeat against rival Sporting Lisbon.

Meanwhile, his girlfriend, Goulart admitted almost four years ago that she and the popular German goalkeeper have sex four or five times every week. Goulart revealed that: “Kevin and I make love a lot – four or five times a week.”

However, she further revealed that if Kevin loses an important game; had it been Tottenham defeated Frankfurt, there will not be any lovemaking between the couple, and no matter how hard she tries to lure Kevin with hot and attractive looks, the 37-year-old Brazilian supermodel won’t get any action if the Frankfurt goalkeeper suffers a bad night on the pitch.

Kevin Trapp girlfriend
Brazilian hot model Goulart

Goulart added : “But if he has played in an important game and his team loses, I can make myself beautiful, have my nails done and wear my best lingerie – and there still won’t be any sex.”

The delightful thing is that Trapp has secured his sex life with his girlfriend as he managed to keep a clean sheet on Tuesday’s Champions League match against stubborn rival Tottenham, with his side sharing points with Conte’s men after a 0-0 goalless battle.

It’s certainly a huge achievement and a sign of improvement from Frankfurt after a terrible start to the Champions League campaign which saw Trapp concede three goals to Sporting Lisbon.

Meanwhile, the 0-0 draw against Tottenham means that Eintracht Frankfurt remains in a good shape to compete and progress to the knock-out phases of the Uefa Champions League competition.

Currently, Frankfurt is now on the same level of points as Tottenham. They both have four points after three matches.


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