Frank Lampard has not seen the right job since he left Chelsea


The former manager of Chelsea football club, Frank Lampard has been without a job since he was sacked by the London club because he has not gotten the right offer. The English tactician said though he has not received the right offer, he has received some flattering offers from undisclosed teams.

Chelsea sacked Frank Lampard in January after recording 5 successive defeats in the Premier League which pushed the club from the top four to the 9th spot on the league table. Due to the fear that things might not get better at Chelsea under Frank Lampard, the club had to let him go.

The former footballer who played most of his football career at Chelsea was allowed to spend just 18 months as the club’s manager. He was replaced by the former coach of Paris Saint Germain, Thomas Tuchel.

Since he left Chelsea, the 42-year-old English tactician has been linked to several teams including England’s under-21s, Scottish side, Celtic, and Premier League club, Crystal Palace.

During a question-and-answer session ahead of this month’s London Football Awards in support of Willow Foundation, Frank Lampard stressed that he is keen to return to football management but he is waiting for the right opportunity to do so.

“I’ve had some opportunities that have come up in the last six weeks, two months, that have been flattering but not the right thing,” Lampard said.

“Nobody wants to lose their job and come out of the game you love, but at the same time … when you go into this career, this will happen, no matter how good you think you are or whatever circumstances you are in…

“It was certainly the time for me to take a step out, having been managing for 2-1/2 years full pelt and having the family situation.

“The opportunities weren’t quite right but I think about it. It would be something I’m keen to do, at the right time, at the right place.”

Frank Lampard wanted to sign Declan Rice at Chelsea

Frank Lampard has not seen the right job since he left Chelsea
West Ham United’s Declan Rice.

While Frank Lampard was at Chelsea, he was allowed to sign a couple of players, a step that placed a lot of pressure on him to deliver. However, he was not able to live up to expectations before he was sacked in January.

During the question-and-answer session ahead of this month’s London Football Awards, Frank Lampard said he wanted to sign West Ham United’s Declan Rice when he was Chelsea’s coach.

He went on to admit that he is a big fan of the 22-year-old English defensive midfielder and praised how relevant the youngster has become in England national team and at West Ham United.

“You see him (Declan Rice) in the England squad and quickly you don’t see an England team without Declan in it,” Lampard said.

“We are fortunate to have him in England, West Ham are fortunate to have him.

“He’s a leader and it is clear that he’s destined for great things. I have probably given it away with how I spoke about him but I think it’s common knowledge that I was a big fan of his.

“It didn’t happen for various reasons, but we brought in a lot of players in the summer. But I was a big fan of him. For understandable reasons, West Ham know the player that they have on their hands.”


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