Four of the best African hidden gems on FIFA 23


    Acquiring players on FIFA 23 can be an herculean task, from the scouting to shortlisting in addition to doing proper checks on players to know how well they fit into your squad. It’s quite tasking but we have tabled for you the best four hidden gems from Africa on FIFA 23. 

    With African stars having excellent attributes in FIFA 23, finding the perfect fit for your team is a very wise move. 

    Let’s dive into the best African hidden gems in FIFA 23.

    The man from Ghana who is an hidden gem

    First on our list is the man from Ghana and he is Abdul Fatawu Isshaku 

    • Abdul Fatawu Isshaku has been described by British newspaper, The Guardian, as the potentially the greatest African youngster of his generation and he was named in the media outlet publication “Next Generation 2021”
    Abdul Fatawu Isshaku, an hidden gem from Africa on FIFA 23
    Abdul Fatawu Isshaku

    The Ghanaian hidden gem is eighteen (18) years old and he plys his trade for Sporting Lisbon in Portugal. 

    Fatawu is a right-winger who can also play on the left-wing and he loves to get the ball near the touchlines, caress it and create chances from there. 

    Either by drifting inside the box to use his stronger foot which is his left foot or moving forward by dribbling or swift combinations by the touchline, he is almost unstoppable.

    He is fast, nifty and tricky on the touchline in addition to having a considerable level of physicality which is a good attribute if you intend to get him on FIFA 2023. 

    He is rated 67 currently on FIFA 23 and he has a potential of 86.

    Edmond Tabsoba, an hidden gem from Africa on FIFA 23

    Another hidden gem on the African continent is Edmond Tabsoba. 

    • Edmond Tabsoba is from Burkina Faso and he current plays his club football with Bayern Leverkusen in Germany. 

    He is center-back credited for his regidity and ability to read his space, the Burkinabe is an elegant and solid defender who is wonderful in one-on-one situations.

    Edmond Tabsoba, an hidden gem from Africa on FIFA 23
    Edmond Tabsoba

    Tabsoba is an hidden gem that you must be looking at his direction to include in your squad due to his amazing qualities and attributes. 

    Edmond Tapsoba has great traits that includes his eagerness to start forward moves and he has often been referred to as a defensive playmaker.

    The 23-year-old current rating is 80 and he has a potential rating of 85. 

    He definitely is a player that you would be looking to add into your squad on FIFA 23 to give you cover in your defence.

    Raphael Onyedika, a quality addition who is an hidden gem from Africa

    The third name on this informative list is a Nigerian and he goes by the name Raphael Onyedika.

    • Raphael Onyedika is a Central defensive midfielder who can also function as a central midfielder, he is a player of Belgium side, Club Brugge. 

    The 21-year-old was born in Imo state, Nigeria and he is a deep-line playmaker who loves to perform in a box-to-box role, or even as an attacking midfielder. 

    Onyedika’s style of play has been compared to that of French star Paul Pogba and the Nigerian also sees the Juventus man as his idol.

    Frank Onyedika an hidden gem from Africa on FIFA 23
    Frank Onyedika

    Raphael Onyedika is an hidden gem who is very skilful in midfield and he is also very good when it has to do with aerial balls. 

    The Nigerian International is strong and has also got lots of plaudits for his flair, speed as well as his ability to hold up the ball. 

    He should be a player you should look out for to add to your first XI in FIFA 23. 

    He has a potential rating of 84 on FIFA 23 and he is currently rated 73 on FIFA 23.

    Wilfred Singo, an African hidden gem on FIFA 23

    The last name we would be looking at in our list is Wilfred Singo of Ivory Coast. 

    • Wilfred Singo is a right wing-back who could also deputise in the position of a right midfielder. 

    He currently plys his trade in Italy for Torino FC and he is blessed with blistering pace alongside aerobic abilities capable of maintaining the tempo for much durations.

    Wilfred Singo an hidden gem from Africa on FIFA 23
    Wilfred Singo

    With the ability to take on players and making great use of the spaces behind him, Singo is excellent in attack and he would be a useful asset to any team on FIFA 23. 

    His current rating is 76 and his potential is 85.

    These names reeled out are hidden games that can bless your team’s charge to glory on FIFA 23, they are African hidden gems and talents that can be harnessed by your FIFA 23 team if need be. 


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