Football Players That Have Fought in Matches


    Some football players seemed to allow their emotions get the better of them while playing their game.

    Football Players That Have Fought Referees

    Here are some notable names that have fought with referees:

    Antonio Rattín (Argentina): In the 1966 World Cup quarter-final match between England and Argentina, Rattín was sent off by referee Rudolf Kreitlein for arguing with him. Rattín refused to leave the field, and he had to be escorted off by police.

    Eric Cantona (Manchester United): In 1995, Cantona was sent off by referee Alan Wilkie for kicking Crystal Palace right-back Richard Shaw in the chest. Cantona then launched a kung-fu kick at a Palace fan who was taunting him from the sidelines. Cantona was banned from football for eight months and fined £20,000.

    Luis Suárez (Liverpool): In 2011, Suárez was sent off by referee Kevin Friend for biting Chelsea defender Branislav Ivanovic on the arm. Suárez was banned from football for ten matches.

    Joey Barton (Newcastle United): In 2012, Barton was sent off by referee Mark Clattenburg for elbowing Manchester City midfielder Sergio Agüero in the face. Barton was banned from football for 12 matches.

    Paolo Di Canio (Sheffield Wednesday): In 1998, Di Canio was sent off by referee Paul Alcock for pushing referee Paul Alcock to the ground after being shown a red card for a foul on Arsenal defender Martin Keown. Di Canio was banned from football for 11 matches.

    These are just a few examples of players that have fought with referees. It is important to note that these incidents are rare, and the vast majority of players respect the authority of the referee. However, when a player does fight with a referee, it is a serious offense, and it is usually punished with a lengthy ban.

    It is also important to note that the role of the referee is not an easy one. Referees have to make split-second decisions, and they are often under immense pressure from players, coaches, and fans. However, referees play an essential role in the game, and they should be respected by everyone involved.


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