Fifa Coin: What is FIFA coin? how to buy and sell FIFA coins


    FIFA, created by EA Sports, is the world’s most popular soccer game. The series has seen growth since its creation in 1993. Fut Coin is a big part of the online experience of playing the Fifa FUT part of the game and it’s important to know a lot about Fifa coins.

    Players are replicated in the game with actual faces, original names, stadiums, and jerseys, to name a few, and this gives the games a realistic feel of the FUT game.

    FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) is a popular model of this series that allows the player to pick a variety of footballers for his customized team. The player who manages the team can sign or sell the players, design styles and jerseys, and much more.

    What is Fifa Coin?

    Fifa Coins are the in-game currency with which you can buy individual player cards on the market or packs from the store, obtaining them for your FUT squad.

    The whole concept of FIFA 20 Ultimate Team is built around earning coins, allowing you to acquire the best players in the game as you progress in the game.

    It helps you to build up a strong team and survive in the FUT, and with extra coins in your game account, you can buy players according to the number of coins available. They are also valuable when you need to trade items in FUT.

    How To Safely Buy & Sell Fifa Coins

    Buying Fifa coins via the console (Playstation or X-box) is one of the safest places to buy or sell Fifa Coins, which are used in the multiple levels of the matches. But you have to buy Fifa point points first then redeem the point for coins.

    How to buy Fifa points

    Fifa points can also be bought via the game console on the online platform of the Fifa FUT game. You will have to enter your credit card or PayPal account to make the purchase. 

    Fifa Point Prices and how Many Points You Get

    100 PointsUSD 0.99
    EUR 0.99
    GBP 0.79
    SGD 1.60
    USD 0.89
    EUR 0.89
    GBP 0.71
    250 PointsUSD 2.49
    EUR 2.49
    GBP 1.99
    SGD 4.50
    USD 2.24
    EUR 2.24
    GBP 1.79
    500 PointsUSD 4.99
    EUR 4.99
    GBP 3.99
    SGD 8.00
    USD 4.49
    EUR 4.49
    GBP 3.59
    750 PointsUSD 7.49
    EUR 7.49
    GBP 0.79
    SGD 12.00
    USD 6.74
    EUR 6.74
    GBP 4.99
    1,050 PointsUSD 9.99
    EUR 9.99
    GBP 7.99
    SGD 16.00
    USD 8.99
    EUR 8.99
    GBP 7.19
    1,600 PointsUSD 14.99
    EUR 14.99
    GBP 11.99
    SGD 21.90
    USD 13.49
    EUR 13.49
    GBP 10.79
    2,200 PointsUSD 19.99
    EUR 19.99
    GBP 15.99
    SGD 32.00
    USD 17.99
    EUR 17.99
    GBP 14.39
    4,600 PointsUSD 39.99
    EUR 39.99
    GBP 31.99
    SGD 49.90
    USD 35.99
    EUR 35.99
    GBP 28.79
    12,000 PointsUSD 99.99
    EUR 99.99
    GBP 79.99
    SGD 119.90
    USD 89.99
    EUR 89.99
    GBP 71.99
    example of how it looks in the game

    Should You Buy Coins on

    Buying Fifa coins for Fifa game from a 3rd party can be risky, however, we will tell you all you need to know about buying Fifa coins from for your FUT game. 

    Keep in mind that it’s your decision to take the risk or not. After purchase, delivers the Fifa Coins and Ultimate Team Coins straight into your game accounts after payment in a safe transfer system. claims that you can get safe Fifa Coins without any worries about the reliability of the supplier and authenticity of the coin. Futballnews think you should be worried because your account can be compromised, but some people are getting away with it. 

    If successful you get coins at a discounted price compared to the price you will pay if you bought via EA owned game store. 

    The risk: if you get caught buying coins from a 3d party website, EA may take away the coins and wipe out your balance or in some cases suspend your EA online game ID and they will ban you from the platform. also said that they will protect all trading information from hacking and stealing, basing on strict privacy policy and management systems. As it is with all tech companies, this does not guarantee that your information is safe forever. is not the only 3rd party seller for Fifa coins for FUT game experiences. Ther are other companies out there and they all share the same risk. never lets out any personal information including trade details and banking accounts to any third parties.

    How To Earn Fifa Coins

    This falls on three game modes: Squad Battles, Division Rivals, and Squad Building Challenges. These modes hold high-end rewards, including coins, packs championship points. 

    If you’re struggling to sign players like Cristiano Ronaldo and Messi — who cost over one million in Fifa coins — below are other ways to increase your coins count in FUT 20.

    1. Earn from Division Rivals

    If you can win enough games per week and finish high enough in the ranks, division rivals provide you with three choices of rewards, including free coins. 

    Depending on your division and rank, you’re typically looking at 15k-80k in earnings, which often eclipses that of the tradeable pack rewards. 

    This soon adds up, particularly when paired with FUT Champions’ prizes, allowing you to potentially earn upwards of 100k coins per week. 

    This soon adds up, particularly when paired with FUT Champions’ prizes, allowing you to potentially earn upwards of 100k coins per week. 

     2. Take advantage of Promos

    Each season, promos are offered to FUT players, and taking advantage of such an opportunity can help boost your FIFA coin tally. For example, predicting and trading which players who you feel would be highly sought after and in demand over time benefit from features such as live SBC. 

    3. Win Squad Battles

    Winning Squad Battles and Division Rivals are a great way to earn gold packs, which is an alternative buying gold packs in the store, and this saves FUT coins. Based on the number of wins a player makes against other players online in the FUT Champions Weekend League, players can earn prizes, including coins and packs.

    A bonus prize of 400 Division Rivals points is also earned per game, regardless of whether a player wins or not. 

    4. Live Squad Building Challenges

    Another way of earning FUT coins is through the Squad Building Challenges, however, some payout better than others. With Live SBCs FUT players earn profit from the players signed to their clubs. Limited-time ‘flash’ SBCs are also offered and players can complete for easy rewards and coins. 

    5. Complete Season Objectives

    Coins can be obtained on FIFA 20 by completing the Seasons Objectives, unlike the Objectives in previous versions.

    These objectives majorly reward players with either coin bonuses or XP, which are both essential in the FIFA Ultimate Team. XPs are used to unlock coin boosts, which allow players to temporarily upgrade the number of coins earned per game.

    4. Buy bronze pack

    Buying bronze packs is also used to earn coins on FUT. By buying a bronze pack for 400 coins or a premium bronze pack for 750, profit is made after selling items at their minimum bought price or even higher.  

    Can I Get Banned From Buying Fifa Coins?

    EA has have set rules and guidelines regarding the purchase of FIFA coins. Penalties are given to violators of the rules, such as taking rewards, removing FUT coins from accounts, and access restrictions, among others.

    Ensure that coins are bought from a trustworthy and reliable seller as selling fake FIFA coins is easy nowadays and many websites are selling them.

    Signs of a Ban

    How does Fifa respond to players it suspects of being involved in the coin trade? 

    It is in three phases.

    1. EA sends a warning email to players suspected of being involved in the coin trade.
    2. If EA finds out that you were warned and you have recently bought coins, your account will be cleared and you will receive your final warning.
    3. Lastly, you will be stripped of all the coins and cards, with your account and banned indefinitely.

    Can I Recover Banned Account? 

    Unfortunately, there is no time frame to FIFA accounts getting banned, meaning the ban is permanent and cannot be unbanned or recovered.


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