FC Barcelona coach Quique Setien speaks on Lionel Messi poor scoring form lately

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    Fc Barcelona manager Quique Setien seems not bored with Lionel Messi’s poor scoring form lately. The world’s best player has not been in his scoring form lately, he has not been able to see the back of the net in their last six games.

    This would have been a big reason to worry many for other managers when their top scorer just stops scoring goals all of a sudden, and most importantly when the team needed goals most. Whereas Quique Setien is not bothered that the club star man has not been scoring, he explained that every attacker always has their run, so Messi is not an exception.

    Quique revealed this during a press briefing in Spain. He explained that the most important thing is that Messi is getting chances to score goals and he is also creating chances for the team to score. Whether or not he scores goals the way he used to, he is not bothered. He went further by saying the Argentine attacker has been scoring goals for over 15 years now, so he will definitely bounce back into his goal-scoring freak soon.

    See video below:


    The Spainish giant will be on the edge of home advantage as they host Napoli in the return leg of the Champions League competition. The last time, Barcelona played against an Italian club in Champions League was back in 2018 against AS Roma and the game ended in favour of the Italian club. Reasonably, Barcelona will be all out on March 18th to ensure the same bad fate doesn’t repeat itself. The first leg of the competition ended with draw, however, the Spainish club have an advantage of away goals according to UEFA rules.

    Nevertheless, they must leave anything to chance against Napoli, if there was anytime that Messi should get back in his goal scoring form, it should be now.

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