Fans Shocked After Footage Shows 2022 World Cup Ball Being Charged Before Kick Off


    Football fans have been greeted with a bizarre scene involving the 2022 World Cup ball being charged before kick-off.

    2022 World Cup ball
    Fans react as footage shows the 2022 World Cup match ball charged before kickoff

    The 2022 World Cup match ball, produced by Adidas, has a built-in sensor design to track the direction and speed of the ball.

    The sensor also helps with ball-tracking and offside calls by the VAR.

    A picture uploaded to Reddit showed the fluro-colored balls being charged from a power board before a match.

    This has sparked reactions among fans, as many baffle at the rigorous new procedure of charging the ball before kick-offs

    One fan said: “Is it that the ball requires an app for it to roll while on the pitch?”

    Another said: “We may be expected bizarre headlines like ” the ball is not charged, kick of postponed” or something or something like, “power failure dooms crucial kick off.”

    One wrote “I’m getting old, I remember when we used to put air in those.”

    The sensor of the World Cup match ball has a battery with an estimated lifespan of six hours, but if it is not used it can last for two weeks and two days.

    It weighs only 14 grams, with cameras positioned around the pitch helping referees to determine offsides and other decisions.

    The sensor of the World Cup match ball is produced by Maximillian Schmidt, a co-founder and managing director of KINEXON.

    2022 World Cup ball
    Lionel Messi with 2022 World Cup match ball

    Opening up on how the sensor works, Schmidt said: “Any time the ball is kicked, headed, thrown or even so much as tapped, the system picks it up at 500 frames per second.

    “Data is sent in real time from sensors to a local positioning system (LPS), which involves a setup of network antennas installed around the playing field that take in and store the data for immediate use.

    “When a ball flies out of bounds during the course of play, and a new ball is thrown or kicked in to replace it, KINEXON’s backend system automatically switches to the new ball’s data input without the need for human intervention.”

    The ball, which is manufactured by Adidas, was created to aid speed, something some players have reportedly complained about, saying it will affect set-pieces.

    Who is the Manufacturer of the 2022 World Cup match ball?

    Adidas is the manufacturer of World Cup match balls. They are a renowned and global sports brand with partnerships and deals with various sports teams and leagues.

    How much is the World Cup Match Ball?

    The price for the Adidas World Cup ball fluctuates depending on the retail outlet. But Adidas officially pegs the cost of the product at $165.

    Where is the 2022 World Cup Match ball made?

    The ball is produced in Sialkot, a city in northeast Pakistan. Sialkot is said to be a major supplier of the World’s sports gadgets and accessories, including FIFA match balls.

    How Durable is the 2022 World Cup match ball?

    Just like every products, the Adidas World Cup match ball fades and appreciates in value over time. Before you consider hitting the Adidas online store or any other retail outlet for the ball, you would have probably consider value and longevity of the all.

    With proper care and maintenance, the World Cup ball can last for years before it deteriorates in value, but you have to deflate it after use and keep it in ideal conditions.

    How and where can you buy 2022 World Cup Match Ball?

    The Adidas World Cup match ball is available everywhere, including independent retailers, since April 13, 2022. You can buy at Adidas online store at its original price, but the prices vary across outlets.


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