FA Cup Prize money breakdown

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The English FA Cup is the oldest competition in the world. It has been open to all eligible English club down to Level 10 of the English football league system, which encompasses all 92 professional clubs in the Premier League (level 1) and the English Football League (levels 2 to 4), and several hundred non-League teams in steps 1 to 6 of the National League System (levels 5 to 10).[2] A record of 763 clubs competed in 2011–12.

Arsenal is the current holder of the FA Cup

In the tournament, there are 12 randomly drawn rounds followed by the semi-finals and the final. Although there is no seeding system, a system of byes based on league level exists to ensure higher ranked teams enter in later rounds. This means the minimum number of games needed to win, depends on which round a team enters the competition, ranges from six to fourteen.

For instance, many English teams enter the competition from the fifth round.

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FA Cup TV Prize Money 2020

It could be recalled that the English FA Cup schedule has been released just after the premier league and league one fixtures were released.

The competition usually starts in August each year. But due to COVID-19, it started late. The other competition played so far which involved Premier League clubs is the Carabao Cup. The prize money for the competition is more than in other league cups.

Recently, the tv rights money increased the prize money for the winners and some clubs who qualified for semi-finals, quarter-finals and finals.

All team who qualified for the FA cup earn (£2,250) and the losing team in the very first earn (£750).

FA Cup Prize Money 2019-20 Distribution Table (Breakdown)

StagePrize Money (Winning Teams)Losing TeamsClubs Receive Funds
Extra Preliminary Round £2,250£750184
Preliminary round winners£2,890£960160
First round qualifying winners£4,500£1,500116
Second Round Qualifying winners£6,750£2,25080
Third Round Qualifying winners£11,250£3,75040
Fourth Round Qualifying winners£18,750£6,25032
First Round Proper winners£36,000N/A40
Second Round Proper winners£54,000N/A20
Third Round Proper winners£135,000N/A32
Fourth Round Proper winners£180,000N/A16
Fifth Round Proper winners£360,000N/A8
Quarter-Final winners£720,000N/A4
Semi-Final winners£1.8 millionN/A2
Semi-Final losers£900,0002N/A2
Runners-up£1.8 millionN/A1
Champions£3.6 millionN/A1

First round: 184 clubs will participate in this round and received fix amount of prize money. Both losing and winning teams make some cash from the start of the tournament.

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What is of note is that the prize money for the champions is double than the previous year. The winning team received £3.6 million and runner-ups collect (£1.8 million).

Teams who lost the semi final’s earn prize money (£900,000) and winners (1.8 million) earns the same as runner-ups of the event.

The teams who reached the final also received 45% gateway income generated from ticket sales. TV rights money also included but there is no information regarding it available currently.

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