Everton slam PL clubs that have joined European Super League

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Everton football club has issued a lengthy statement to slam the Premier League clubs that have signed up for the controversial European Super League. The club’s statement said the 6 Premier League clubs that showed interest in the Super League acted with “preposterous arrogance”.

The 6 Premier League clubs that have officially signed up for the league are Chelsea, Manchester United, Manchester City, Tottenham Hotspur, and Liverpool. Other clubs that make up the 12 teams in the proposed league are Real Madrid, FC Barcelona, Atletico Madrid, AC Milan, Inter Milan, and Juventus.

Clubs like Paris Saint Germain, Bayern Munich, and Borussia Dortmund are some of the top clubs in Europe that are not part of the Super League. Some reports claimed that the three clubs mentioned above rejected the offer to join the league.

However, Florentino Perez, the president of Real Madrid who seems to be one of the major advocates of the Super League stressed that PSG, Bayern Munich, and Dortmund were not contacted for the project.

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In the case of Everton that hardly qualify to play in the UEFA organized competition, said in a statement that the club would not join the controversial Super League.

The club statement issued earlier today claimed that Everton were saddened and disappointed over the proposed European Super League. Everton stressed that the 6 Premier League clubs that have signed up for the league are acting in their interests.

Everton slam clubs that have joined European Super League

For over two years, there have been speculations about the proposed European Super League. The money-spinning league is expected to rival the UEFA Champions League. It has been proposed that the clubs involved would play against themselves during mid-weeks from the 2022-2023 season.

Everton that are not part of the proposed league, issued a statement to slam the English clubs that have signed up for the league, saying “the self-proclaimed Super Six appear intent on disenfranchising supporters across the game – including their own – by putting the very structure that underpins the game we love under threat.”

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The statement read: “Six clubs acting entirely in their interests. Six clubs tarnishing the reputation of our league and the game.

“Six clubs choosing to disrespect every other club with whom they sit around the Premier League table.

“Six clubs taking for granted and even betraying the majority of football supporters across our country and beyond.

“At this time of national and international crisis – and a defining period for our game – clubs should be working together collaboratively with the ideals of our game and its supporters uppermost.

“Instead, these clubs have been secretly conspiring to break away from a football pyramid that has served them so well…

“The backlash is understandable and deserved – and has to be listened to.

“This preposterous arrogance is not wanted anywhere in football outside of the clubs that have drafted this plan.

“On behalf of everyone associated with Everton, we respectfully ask that the proposals are immediately withdrawn and that the private meetings and subversive practices that have brought our beautiful game to possibly its lowest ever position in terms of trust end now.

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“Finally we would ask the owners, chairmen, and Board members of the six clubs to remember the privileged position they hold – not only as custodians of their clubs but also custodians of the game. The responsibility they carry should be taken seriously.

“We urge them all to consider what they wish their legacy to be.”

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