European Super League Start Date Revealed After 2021 Failed Plot

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The revised European Super League start date has been revealed after a plot to launch the belated club competition failed in 2021.

European Super League
Bernd Reichart announced 2024 as ESL start year.

The European Super League, which was designed to feature the best and top clubs in Europe, suffered a massive backlash after it was termed as being elitist and triggered by greed.

As previously planned, the competition was to feature top and big clubs in Europe, including England big six teams.

Some clubs that opted for and led the vanguard of advocates and proponents of the competition include Real Madrid, Barcelona, Manchester City, PSG, Manchester United, Chelsea, Inter Milan, Juventus, and other big European clubs.

The planners of the European Super League came into collision with the European football governing body, UEFA.

The tournament was said to challenge the dominance of UEFA in the organization and administration of club competitions in Europe.

It was claimed that the tournament would rival Europe-wide club competitions such as the Champions League and Europa League, including domestic leagues.

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The European Super League was also questioned for its sustainability, given its elites and exclusivist policies, which involved drafting only big European teams into the tournament.

European Super League
2021 ESL protests

UEFA and other football administrators in Europe blasted the competition asserting that it threatens the survival of European football.

The highly criticized competition also suffered heavy backlash among some football fans, who took to protests, branding the planned tournament as a greedy plot by the privileged few to ruin the European football system.

The protest, which was particularly orchestrated by English football fans, dealt the plot a severe blow

The big six in English football – Manchester City, Liverpool, Chelsea, Manchester United, Arsenal, and Tottenham were forced to pull out of the plan leading to the collapse and abandonment of the project.

Despite the shock and unwelcome reception that greeted the project leading to its abandonment, there are reports of a plan to reawaken the European Super League with a start set in 2024. However, it is coming in a revised version.

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European Super League
England big six pulled out after protests

According to reports, Bernd Reichart, the new CEO of M22 management, the company representing the three rebel clubs keen on reviving the European Super League, has reiterated plans to restore the competition in 2024.

Speaking with Financial Times after he emerged as the CEO of M22, Reichart said;

“We want to reach out to stakeholders in the European football community and broaden this vision. Even fans will have a lot of sympathy for the idea. It is a blank slate. The format will never be an obstacle.”

He also emphasized planned reforms that eliminates permanent membership previously proposed in 2021.

The original proposal for the 12 clubs would have guaranteed their involvement regardless of their domestic performances – and that “closed shop” approach is something Reichart admits needs changing.”

There are reports that the attempt to relaunch the European Super League is due to fears by the rebel three clubs – Real Madrid, Barcelona, and Juventus.

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They are afraid that English clubs dominate European football despite not having a hand on the Champions League trophy as other clubs in the last few years.

As it stands, it is now a matter of time before the world would see the approach the rebel three clubs intend to adopt to prevent the backlash the idea of the European Super League suffered in 2021.

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