European Super League may collapse as Eight teams withdraw from the plan

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The plan for the European Super League is on the verge of collapsing as eight clubs that initially signed up for it, withdrew their signature on Tuesday.

Since Sunday, April 18, the European Super League became one of the most discussed topics in the world of football especially after 12 top clubs in Europe announced their participation in the league.

However, fans, administrators, and football pundits began to mount pressure on the clubs that have shown interest in the league until six of the 12 top European clubs stepped down from the proposed league.

The 6 clubs that first bowed out of the proposed league were clubs from the Premier League which are: Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United, Arsenal, Chelsea, and Tottenham Hotspur. In separate statements, they expressed their regret for signing up for the controversial league.

Afterward, two more clubs joined the six Premier League clubs to withdraw from the proposed league. The two clubs that left the plan are Inter Milan and Atletico Madrid.

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As it stands, only FC Barcelona, Real Madrid, Juventus, and AC Milan are yet to officially step out of the plan to have a European Super League that could rival the UEFA Champions League.

European Super League may collapse as Eight teams withdraw from the plan
Chairman of Juventus Andrea Agnelli.

In reaction to the new development, the Chairman of Juventus Andrea Agnelli admitted that the proposed European Super League cannot go on as planned. He however noted that the proposed league was a perfect plan for the game of football contrary to those criticizing it.

“To be frank and honest no, evidently that is not the case,” he said when asked whether the league would go on as planned.

“I remain convinced of the beauty of that project, of the value that it would have developed to the pyramid, of the creation of the best competition in the world, but evidently no. I don’t think that project is now still up and running.”

From the point of speculation about the European Super League started, the chairman of Juventus Andrea Agnelli is seen as one of the brains behind the proposed league.

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It got so bad that the Uefa president Aleksander Ceferin described the Juventus chairman as a “snake and a liar”. The Uefa president stated this after Agnelli resigned from European Clubs’ Association on Sunday and was mentioned as one of the brains behind the formation of the European Super League.

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