European Parliament Wade Into Luis Rubiales Kiss Scandal


    The European Parliament is set to debate the case of Luis Rubiales, the suspended President of Spanish Football Federation, next week.

    The debate was requested by the Catalan political party Esquerra Republica Catalana (ERC), and will focus on the allegations of sexual assault against Rubiales by Spanish international footballer Jenni Hermoso.

    The ERC has argued that the European Parliament has a responsibility to debate the case because it raises important questions about the protection of women in sport. They have also called on the EU to take steps to prevent and punish sexual assault in sport.

    The debate is scheduled to take place on September 14th, and will be held in the European Parliament’s Committee on Women’s Rights and Gender Equality. It is not yet clear who will speak at the debate, but it is likely that representatives from the ERC, the Spanish government, and the European Commission will be involved.

    The debate is a significant development in the case of Luis Rubiales. It is the first time that the case has been discussed at a European level, and it could put pressure on the Spanish government to take further action against him.

    The European Parliament is the directly elected legislative body of the European Union. It has a number of powers, including the power to make laws, approve the EU budget, and elect the European Commission. The Parliament also has a role in overseeing the implementation of EU law and in scrutinizing the work of the other EU institutions.

    The debate on Luis Rubiales is a reminder of the Parliament’s commitment to promoting gender equality and protecting women’s rights. It is also a sign that the Parliament is willing to take on cases that raise important issues about the role of sport in society.

    Luis Rubiales

    If Luis Rubiales is convicted of sexual assault, he could face a number of penalties, including:

    • Imprisonment: The maximum sentence for sexual assault in Spain is 15 years in prison. However, the actual sentence would depend on the specific circumstances of the case.
    • A fine: The court could also order Rubiales to pay a fine, which would be in addition to any prison sentence.
    • A criminal record: A conviction for sexual assault would create a criminal record for Rubiales, which could make it difficult for him to find employment or housing in the future.
    • A loss of reputation: A conviction for sexual assault would also damage Rubiales’ reputation, both personally and professionally.

    The specific penalties that Rubiales would face would depend on the outcome of his trial and the evidence presented. However, even if he is not convicted of sexual assault, the allegations against him have already damaged his reputation and could have a significant impact on his future.


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