Enzo Fernandez Is Currently The Best Midfielder In England


Enzo Fernandez of Chelsea has completed more progressive passes than any other Premier League player this season despite joining in January.

Enzo Fernandez Has Completed More Progressive Pass Than Any Other Premier League Player

Though he joined mid-season, he has been able to do more with the ball than players who started the season from the previous year.

Although he continues to fit in at the Bridge, many will continue to criticize Chelsea for spending an eye-watering £107 million to recruit the World Cup champion in January. Always on the ball and looking forward.

This is, essentially a young player moving to a top team in Europe just nine months after arriving from South America.

Enzo Fernandez joined Chelsea in the thick of a historically terrible run in the dead of winter.

Progressive passes are not the only stats he is dominating within England, he is also the top player with the most touches per 90 minutes too.

Below is a table of his superb stats this season despite playing in a struggling Chelsea:


Player Team Progressive Pass
Enzo FernandezChelsea10.3
Oleksandr ZinchenkoArsenal10.1
Kevin De BruyneMan City8.7
RodriMan City8.6


Player Team Touches Per 90
Enzo FernandezChelsea107
RodriMan City106
Jaoa CanceloMan City101
Trent Alexander-ArnoldLiverpool100

Enzo has played nine games for Chelsea, and he has already establish himself as the team’s heart beat.

For those who enjoy numbers and modern football lingo, the Argentine completes the most progressive passes per 90 minutes of Premier League play.

Progressive, I assume, means forward. In any case, Enzo, as he prefers to be called, is at the top of the list in that category after averaging 10.6 points per game prior to the victory over Everton.

Ben Chilwell received a progressive pass from Enzo to start the move, which culminated in a daisy-cutting Felix finish.

Enzo’s artistic sense will be even more evident when Chelsea signs a star center-forward.

But of course, it was his prowess in defensive midfield that made him such an important member of a World Cup-winning squad.

Enzo Fernandez Is Currently The Best Midfielder In England

Enzo is a typical Premier League midfielder—strong physically, disruptive, and always looking for an opening to attack.

He mixes up his passes well, sometimes sending a long, raking ball to the flank and other times picking the appropriate short option.

Enzo Fernandez

Argentine professional footballer Enzo Jeremas Fernandez (born 17 January 2001) plays central midfield for Premier League club Chelsea and the Argentina national team.

After graduating from River Plate’s academy, Fernández made his first-team debut in 2019 and then played on loan for Defensa y Justicia for two seasons.

He had a productive season there, culminating in victories in the Copa Sudamericana and Recopa Sudamericana, before moving back to River Plate in 2021.

After his return, Fernández became a key member of the team and helped the team win the 2021 Argentina Primera División.

In the summer of 2022, he signed with Benfica in the Portuguese Primeira Liga.

After barely six months of service with Benfica, Chelsea of the Premier League acquired him in January 2023 for a British transfer record sum.

Before making his senior international debut, Argentinean Fernández competed for his nation at the under-18 level.

He represented Argentina at the 2022 FIFA World Cup, where he was instrumental in his nation’s third World Cup victory and took home the Young Player Award.


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