English Premier League won’t be fully back until fans are back inside the stands, says League executive Richard Masters

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Ahead of the rest of Premier League action, there have been discussions about fans attending matches again. Chief executive Richard Masters confirmed this.

The English Premier League restarts tonight after a 100-day break forced by the coronavirus pandemic. The remaining fixtures are expected to be played behind closed doors as part of the precaution needed to avoid a spike in the number of cases again.

England had already suffered over 30,000 deaths from the dreaded virus that has already left over 400,000 dead globally as well.

Not putting a timeframe on a return of fans to stadiums, Masters said talks had begun with the government. The league boss who pointed out that the Premier League won’t be fully back until fans are inside the stadium said the governing body is very keen to see fans again in the stadium at the earliest possible juncture when it’s safe and appropriate to do so.

As part of the compressed six-week schedule, the team will play 90 games to end the current season. Master told BBC to see that such a situation is a big, unprecedented moment, adding that it will feel different.

Masters who also said things would feel different without the fans in the stadium hopes that the quality of the games,  football, and the passion, will compensate for the absence of the fans.

While also pleading with fans not to congregate outside stadiums, Masters said such action would put their discussions in jeopardy.

Clubs have agreed to play the remaining games as per the initial schedule- home and away but without the fans.

Implications of fans being in the stadium

On his part, the Sports Minister, Nigel Huddleston said there would be “implications” in a situation where fans failed to adhere to safety guidelines, which was to stay away from the games venues for now.

According to the minister, if they failed to comply, the government will have no choice but to go within the option of using neutral stadia to prosecute the remaining matches and canceled the initial agreement if the local crowds are uncontrollable.

“The key step there is the social distancing measures that need to be in place. In terms of getting the green light, it will be driven by medical advice at the time in terms of social distancing and large gatherings,” he added.


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