England footballer was allegedly implicated in a £30,000 blackmail scheme after bedding a transgender escort

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An England international footballer is said to have been involved in a £30,000 blackmail scheme after sleeping with a transsexual escort.

England footballer 'involved in £30k blackmail plot after bedding  transgender escort' - Mirror Online

According to the Sun, a Premier League player met the woman on an escorting service and hooked up with her. The anonymous player is said to have paid the escort £150 in April 2021 after visiting her “several times.”

The escort is accused of secretly recording the footballer, saving his text messages, and photographing him in his car outside her home. She is accused of using the proof to demand a financial payment in the amount of £30,000.

Last June, the woman was arrested on suspicion of blackmail after the England footballer allegedly went to the police. The probe was allegedly put on hold when the footballer declined to provide a statement for fear of the tale leaking to the press.

The footballer’s club is believed to be aware of the situation due to worries about his off-field behavior. The footballer – and the club for which he plays – remain nameless, and it is unclear whether he is currently an international.

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“No one knows if the footballer knew the woman was transgender,” a source told The Sun, “but he was desperate to keep her quiet once she threatened to expose him.”

“He handed up the money several times before realizing that the only way to end the situation was to call the cops. Because blackmail is a serious crime, they were eager to obtain evidence.

The England international who was blackmailed after sex with a transsexual  prostitute | Marca

“However, the footballer was extremely concerned that his name would be revealed, resulting in fan hate. He merely wanted to bury it, so he refused to cooperate despite the cops’ best efforts, leaving them to investigate a blackmail conspiracy without a victim.

“They needed to view his text communications and bank transfers, so they had no alternative except to drop the case reluctantly.”

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