England fans will be refused entry into Qatar if they don’t have World cup match tickets

England fans celebrating

According to the Qatari Government, England fans with no Wold cup match ticket will be denied access into the country.

Following Friday’s draw, Three Lions fans, as well as those from Wales and Scotland, contingent on the play-offs, are organizing their journeys.

Official Fifa IDs and tickets are essential, as per the Qatari government officials.

Thousands of people who arranged to buy them when they arrived have had their hearts broken.

According to sources, Qatar incorporated the rules because it lacked the necessary capacity to accommodate ticketless fans.

The country’s population is less than three million people.

Qatar Tourism’s chief operating officer, Berthold Trenkel, remarked “A decision has been taken that only fans with match tickets will be allowed visas. They will need official fan IDs to get into Qatar and those who do not have them will not be allowed to travel. The rules are strict and are there for a reason.”

A source was quoted to have said “We would expect a large number of England fans to want to come to Qatar to enjoy our hospitality even if they don’t have a ticket for a game but we can’t allow for that to happen as there’s a danger we won’t have any room for them. We don’t want ticketless fans roaming the streets and then potentially causing problems.”


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