England, Brazil to pay male and female national teams equally


England and Brazil’s women’s national players will be paid the same as their male counterparts for representing their countries.

This was revealed by the FA of both countries. So, the latest development means that all players will be granted the same daily and prize amounts for taking part in preparation periods and games.

Brazil’s football association (CBF) president Rogerio Caboclo says the measures were put in place in March for the South American country.

“Since March of this year, CBF has made an equal value in terms of prizes and daily rates between men’s and women’s football.

“That is, the players earn the same thing as the players during the calls. What they receive by daily call, women also receive,” he said.

The last time Brazil was in action was March

Caboclo further revealed that the arrangement also applies to performances at international tournaments such as the World Cup and Olympics.

“There is no more gender difference, as the CBF is treating men and women equally. What they will gain by conquering or by staging the Olympics next year will be the same as the men will have.”

The last time Brazil’s women’s team was in action was March before many competitions around the world were postponed because of the coronavirus pandemic.

England, Brazil setting examples for other

Meanwhile, the same arrangement has been effective in England since January, according to an FA spokesperson. So, the women were also paid the same as men for representing their country, both for match fees and bonuses.

It could be recalled that nations like Australia, Norway, and New Zealand had previously decided to pay their men and women internationals the same amount.

English female national teamAfter several debates, equal pay is now been effective in these countries, setting examples for others to follow.

The women’s world champions, the United States has filed an appeal against the decision to dismiss their claim for equal pay with their male counterparts.

Current world footballer of the year and US forward Megan Rapinoe had said her team-mates would “never stop fighting for equality”.


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