Elisa Montero: All You Need to Know about Lionel Scaloni’s Wife

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Elisa Montero is the wife of former Argentina football player and now manager, Lionel Scaloni.

After leading Argentina to 2022 World Cup glory, Lionel Scaloni shot to limelight but little is known about his lovely wife and companion, Elisa.

Here, we will take you through all you need to know about Elisa Montero.

Who is Elisa Montero?

Elisa Montero is the wife and lover of Argentina national team head coach Lionel Scaloni.

Unlike wags of top footballers and managers, Elisa maintains a low presence in the media and rarely makes an appearance with Lionel Scaloni.

Elisa Montero

However, some key details of her private life and profile are still accessible.

Elisa Montero Bio

Elisa Montero does not share nationality with Lionel Scaloni. She is originally a Spaniard. The beautiful blonde, who caught the eye of Lionel Scaloni in 2008 while he was still active in his career as a football player, was born in Andalusia, Spain.

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Elisa is two years younger than her husband, Lionel Scaloni, who was born in Argentina on 16 May, 1978. She was born in 1980. Elisa is 43 years old now but her actual date of birth is not known.

What does Elisa Montero do?

Most footballers and managers wag always choose to venture into modeling, leveraging on the fame of their partners to attract deals with brands for ambassadorial and promotional roles, Elisa is a departure from that.

She has not been indentified with any brand. The 43-year-old seems more preoccupied with home and family care. Sources close to Elisa have revealed she takes her family as a priority and is not keen to combining such roles with other adventures.

Elisa Montero social media

Elisa is a very private person according to reports. She cherishes her privacy and rarely makes an appearance on social media platforms.

Elisa Montero

It has been confirmed she is not on Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, Twitter, or any other social media platform as she keeps off the noses of media.

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Elisa Montero net worth

Elisa Montero’s net worth is not known as she has not identified with any business venture. Nevertheless, she is a huge beneficiary of Lionel Scaloni’s football fortunes both as a player and a manager.

Elisa Montero and Lionel Scaloni relationship

Elisa and Lionel Scaloni met in 2008 when the latter was plying his trade in LaLiga, playing as a Lazio loanee to Mallorca. After being hooked up together, the relationship has blossomed over the years.

Elisa Montero

Speaking to TyCSports, Lionel Scaloni revealed how difficult it was for him to win the heart of Elisa but was happy that he finally had his way around the beautiful young Spaniard after several attempts.

The pair stuck together for 10 years before finally getting married to each other in 2018. They have two children together.

Elisa and Lionel Scaloni maintain a strict privacy on their family. They rarely make any public appearance but were spotted a few times during the 2022 World Cup. Overall, they have kept their family off media spotlight.

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