Eintract Frankfurt Kevin Trapp’s Wag Izabel Goulart Shows Stunning Acrobatics As She Enjoys World Cup Break With Lover [Watch]

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Kevin Trapp’s lover and fiancee Izabel Goulart has displayed her acrobatic skills as she shares beautiful moments with his lover.

Izabela Goulart

While the Premier League, Serie A, French Ligue 1, and La Liga have all resumed from the 2022 World Cup break, the Bundesliga is yet to resume and Eintract Frankfurt goalkeeper Kevin Trapp has more than enough time to spend with his lover and fiancee Izabel Goulart.

The Brazil beauty is relishing every moment of th World Cup break, and has brought to fore her skillful and eye-catching acrobatics skills.

The Intagram model sent a message to his million of followers performing a headstand near a pool while wearing bikinis.

Izabel Goulart revealed a key aspect of her personal life that keeps her going and getting her ready for the tasks ahead with the graceful and well co-ordinated body movements.

Apart from being toned by the exercise, she also said another part of her routine that moves her day is regular sex.

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The 38-year-old posted the video to her 4.5million Instagram followers, and wrote: “It’s a beautiful day. Focus! Dedication! Motivation!! Let’s !!!”

Izabel Goulart went with her fiance, Kevin Trapp to the Caribbean Island of St Bart’s to spend the Christmas and wild away a gratuitous Bundesliga break after the 2022 World Cup.

While major leagues in Europe have resumed, the Bundesliga had an extended break that allowed players to spend more time with their families and loved ones.

Kevin Trapp, who keeps for Eintract Frankfurt and Germany national team is on an extended break with Izabela Goulart.

While the Bundesliga star has remained low key through the vacation, his wag Izabel Goulart has been bombing her fans with gorgeous pics.

The acrobatic headstand is her latest social media pic and has drawn nearly 70,000 likes, with fans pouring into the comment section to heap praises on the star.

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Followers responded to the slow-motion headstand with comments like “The most beautiful body” … “You are the body”… and “Keep it up in 2023”.

Izabel Goulart is modeling for the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue and Armani Exchange, and appeared on US sitcom Two and a Half Men.

She started dating Trapp in 2015, and the relationship has grown from strength to strength. Now, the duo are engaged and moving onto the next step of their relationship, and may soon get married.

In her relationship with Trapp, Izabela Goulart revealed she has no dull moments and continuously engages in sex with her man.

She has once reiterated how she and Kevin makes love a lot, numbering up to four times a week.

Izabela Goulart

However, she added her man is not always turned on when his team loses a match no matter how she labors to drag him in by making herself beautiful and attractive.

“But if he has played in an important game and his team loses, I can make myself beautiful, have my nails done and wear my best lingerie – and there still won’t be any sex”, she revealed.

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The Bundesliga will resume on January 20, and Kevin Trapp will return to action for Eintract Frankfurt while her celebrity Instagram model will miss such graceful moments, except at the end of the season.

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