Eder Militao Showed a Bizarre Piece Of Athleticism In Real Madrid’s Super Cup Triumph Against Eintracht Frankfurt (Video)

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Eder Militao did a strange piece of athleticism in Real Madrid’s Super Cup win against Eintracht Frankfurt on Wednesday night in Helsinki, Finland.

Eder Militao Showed a Bizarre Piece Of Athleticism In Real Madrid's Super Cup Triumph Against Eintracht Frankfurt

In what turned out to be a rather easy victory for Ancelotti’s confident team, one of the few moments from Helsinki that went viral was a peculiar display of athleticism from Eder Militao.

Although the Brazilian isn’t everyone’s cup of tea at the center of Real’s defense, there’s no denying that he possesses all the necessary physical skills to be a great center-half, including what appears to be the flexibility of a world-class gymnast.

That’s because a spectacular Super Cup clip that requires a few replays to really comprehend shows the Real warrior transitioning in a single second from a block to a headstand to running again.

And perhaps you can join the hundreds of viewers who have already seen it by watching the clip below and helping us figure out how on earth Militao nonchalantly righted himself at 100 mph:

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Eder Militao

Brazilian professional footballer Éder Gabriel Milito (born 18 January 1998) competes for both Brazil and the Spanish club Real Madrid. He is primarily a center-back but can also play right-back or as a defensive midfielder.

Milito started his career at So Paulo, where he played 57 games over the course of two years before moving on to Porto. He spent one season in Portugal before joining Real Madrid in 2019 for a rumored €50 million transfer price. He won the 2022 Champions League as well as two La Liga championships.

For Brazil, Milito made his senior international debut in 2018. He was a member of their teams in 2019 and 2021 that won the Copa América and finished second in the tournament.

Eder Militao Girlfriend

Eder Militao went on a date with Karoline Lima, his ex-girlfriend, at the beginning of 2021. However, they were able to delay the public revelation of their relationship for a while.

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Eder Militao Showed a Bizarre Piece Of Athleticism In Real Madrid's Super Cup Triumph Against Eintracht Frankfurt

They revealed their romance through a tweet in which they were seen enjoying themselves on a boat after the Copa America competition in 2021.

Although Caroline Lima was about to give birth, Militao recently broke up with her, thus the player’s personal life is not quite easy.

On Lima’s social media page, news of Militao and Lima’s split spread. “I just want to reassure you that everything will be fine. I’m strong, and Cecilia [the girl’s daughter’s name] is even stronger, I want to tell you. After Eder returned from his trip, I went in search of him to resolve the situation, get past it and continue. But I quickly understood that there was no hope for our relationship and that it needed to stop. It was the best decision at the moment,”  Lima admitted.

However, Karoline Lima assured that their unborn kid would not be harmed by their separation.

Days after their breakup, the couple announced the birth of their daughter, Cecilia.

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What number does Militao wear?

The number 3 shirt that belonged to Real Madrid icon Pepe will be worn by Militio. The right foot is his favored foot. His number on the team is 3.

What boots does Eder Militao wear?

In 2021–2022, Éder Milito will be sporting Adidas Predator Edge+ soccer cleats.

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