Dortmund Director Labels Bayern Chief “Arrogant” after Hoeness calls BVB Director “Not smart.”

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Dortmund’s Sporting Director has hit at Uli Hoeness the former Bayern president for labeling his side’s transfer policy “not smart”. speaking to  FAZ.


The former president Bayern president criticized Dortmund and label them as a team that groom players for sale to other clubs. See what he told the reporters about Dortmund below.

“When Dortmund buys a highly talented player, and he plays well, you can hear only a few months later, either from within the club or from the outside, that he will eventually be an object for sale.”

“How can a player take in the club’s DNA 100% if he gets the impression that he is an object for sale?”

Zorc responded to the comments by stating that the former club president was arrogant and his club only benefitted from a larger budget.


“Those are pretty arrogant statements, and some of them are also factually wrong,”

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“If you have €250 million more in your pocket every year, it is just easy to brag.”

Hoeness also claim Dortmund hijacked Bayern’s Sancho‘s transfer in 2017.

Also, Bayern was reported to be interested in Dortmund’s new teenage signing Jude Bellingham before he signed for Dortmund in a deal worth £20 million.

However, Bayern has dominated the German League, as they have won the last eight Bundesliga titles and boast of a larger transfer budget than their rival.

Bayern declared a $723.96 million turnover in the 2017/18 season while they have a 14.1 percent increase in 2018/19 to gross $826.38 million.

However, Dortmund was only able to generate a turnover of $576.40 million in 2017/18 with over $141.30 million coming from the transfer profits of the previous season. With the imminent transfer of €100 million, Jadon Sancho to Manchester United Dortmund is set for another windfall from its transfer policy.

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