Devastated Kyle Walker furious after fiancee Annie Kilner admits to lockdown fling with toyboy


Manchester City right-back, Kyle Walker is devastated after his fiancée, Annie Kilner admitted having a fling with a toyboy.

This is following the 27-year-old’s confession of a romp with 20-year-old Joshua Cox. Annie revealed that the romance began after she and Walker split in February. She reunited with the Man City defender despite his string of affairs.

“He’s getting a taste of his own medicine,” a source said.

Annie has been with Walker since they were teens

It was gathered that the relationship between Annie and Joshua was of mutual consent. The pair began dating after being introduced by a mutual friend.

Joshua Cox began dating Annie Kilner after being introduced by a mutual friend

After regaining his starting shirt in the England squad, Walker was given the marching order in England’s match against Iceland earlier this month.

27-year-old Annie is the mother to his three children. She wept uncontrollably when she revealed her trysts with Joshua, insisting that the romance began after she and Walker split in February when it emerged model Lauryn Goodman was carrying his child.

According to Annie, her affair with Josh ended when she and Walker got back together — and he proposed — in June. So, Walker fought back to win her love back.

Kyle Walker still suspecting Annie Kilner of seeing Joshua Cox

Meanwhile, the £150,000-a-week Manchester City ace is suspicious that his childhood sweetheart is still seeing Josh.

The astonishing twist is following Walker’s alleged involvement in a series of sex scandals over the past 18 months. One of such was his fling with Lauryn, resulting in their son’s birth in April, and romping with a reality TV star in his car.

Annie Kilner got back together with Walker and he proposed in June

According to a source who told The Mirror, the right-back is devastated.

“After everything, he’s put Annie through he’s now getting a taste of his own medicine. And it’s proving to be a bitter pill to swallow.

“He and Annie had got engaged and were talking about the future. It all seemed to be settling down — and now this. Annie’s confession has knocked him for six. He doesn’t feel like he can trust her anymore.

“He knows he doesn’t have a leg to stand on but he’s stung by it because Annie has always been the perfect partner. He’s now worried she still has feelings for Josh and it is driving a ­massive wedge between them.

“This could be the straw that breaks the camel’s back,” the source added.

According to reports, they got back together and Walker proposed in June.

He had romped with Ex On The Beach star Laura Brown in his £200,000 Bentley in a drive-through coffee bar.

Angered by such behaviour, Annie kicked him out of their £6million Cheshire home but later agreed to give him another chance as they work on their relationship. This made Walker move back in, after sleeping with Instagram influencer Lauryn.

This was unknown to Annie until ­February this year when Walker called from the club’s training ground to confess that Lauryn was pregnant. This led to his second eviction from the house and he had to move into an £8,000-a-month flat in Hale, Cheshire.

Devastated Annie was then introduced to Josh by a mutual friend and the pair began dating while Walker was forced to apologise for breaching lockdown restrictions. The Man City defender hosted a £2,200, three-hour sex party with hookers.

“Annie really liked Josh and he really liked her. There was real chemistry between them.

“She saw no future for her and Kyle after everything he had put her through so she threw herself into it.

“They were both aware of the consequences if it got out so they kept it quiet. They didn’t want to cause any upset,” the source added.

Annie wants her family to be together

Having apologised for his mistake, Annie Kilner reportedly called off the relationship with Josh after Walker fought to win her back.

They got engaged in June as Walker proposed with a £250,000 ring he helped design. He did this in a romantic way by setting up a floral heart of white roses, surrounded by petals and candles, at their £6million home.

“If I ever forgave Kyle and took him back, would I be a bit embarrassed of how people feel? Definitely.

“Would it be yesterday’s news? Definitely. I don’t give a toss about what people think of me. I am a mother of three beautiful kids and they will always come first.

“I want to keep our family together — and if I’m able to put my feelings to one side to achieve that then so be it.

“Nothing Kyle does will take the pain away but I want my family to stay together. My kids want their daddy. I hate what he’s done to me but deep down I know he’s not a horrible person.”

‘Lauryn furious’

Meanwhile, Lauryn was reportedly furious over the way she feels cut off by Walker.

This is following her post on Instagram earlier this month, aiming a series of digs at Walker and Annie.

Last year, it was revealed that Lauryn Goodman was pregnant with Walker’s child

She also claimed to have had an affair for longer than Walker originally admitted to. Lauryn also posted a message on Instagram saying: “I’m a role model. Yea okay hun. Whatever makes you sleep at night.”

This was viewed as a response to an ­interview Kyle Walker gave after joining up with the Three Lions squad for the UEFA Nation’s League tournament, apologising for breaking Covid lockdown.

“Obviously I and the boss Gareth Southgate spoke after the lockdown incidents and he assured me that we all make mistakes,” Walker said.


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