Despite liver and cardiovascular problems, Maradona suffers from alcohol withdrawal symptoms as he recovers from surgery


    Argentina great Diego Maradona has been suffering from withdrawal symptoms from alcohol after recent surgery.

    According to a member of his medical team, Alfredo Cahe who said this Friday, the Argentine legend had to be .sedated by doctors to help him cope with withdrawal symptoms from alcohol dependency.

    Maradona underwent successful emergency surgery on Tuesday for a subdural hematoma, a blood clot on the brain. Cahe said the world cup winner had to be sedated after suffering from “episodes of confusion” linked to withdrawal symptoms.

    Diego Maradona guided by guard as he continues suffering from alcohol withdrawal symptoms

    “He has to have treatment to stop drinking alcohol, and all his family is in agreement that Diego as he is now is unmanageable.

    “We need to take the bull by the horns. He has liver problems, cardiovascular problems. It’s not his brain on one hand, his liver on another, his stomach. It’s a mix of things. We need to clean Diego up, and then we’ll see. He is still a complicated patient,” Cahe told TyC Sports in Argentina.

    Maradona now a regular visitor to hospitals as doctors hope to tackle his alcohol withdrawal symptoms after surgery

    Maradona, a 1986 world cup winner with Argentina is considered one of the greatest players of all time.

    But he has been having frequent periods in the hospital over the years, often due to his lifestyle.

    It was gathered that the 60-year-old former Barcelona, Napoli and Boca Juniors player argued to leave the Buenos Aires clinic after being operated on.

    Delaying him further is believed to be a strategy for them to control his consumption of alcohol that has reportedly led to other health complicating issues stated by the doctor.

    This makes Cahe, who has treated the star for decades to note that the Argentine great was in no state to be on his own to be allowed to leave the hospital.

    “What Diego’s future is going to look like is a mystery, and it worries me. He can’t go home like this.

    “Maradona needs to be in a place “where he has permanent help,” Cahe added.

    Maradona, who is also a former coach of the Argentine national team currently manages first-division club Gimnasia y Esgrima.

    He appeared weak and ponderous on his most recent public appearance before the operation ahead of his club’s game against Patronato.

    After receiving a plaque and a cake to mark his 60th birthday, he didn’t stay for the game, and concerns about his health grew.

    From the look of things, his health status is a complicated one. It’s going ti to take a lot of convincing to top Maradona from drinking.

    As his doctor said it is at such facility that he can get permanent help. It is hoped that the Argentine will take the bull by the horns and adhere to ll medical advice, even after recovery from the present surgery.


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