Declan Rice Slams West Ham Fans Who Accused Him Of “Given Up” on His Commitment


    West Ham United captain Declan Rice has fired back at fans who claimed he has declined and completely “given up” in his performances for West Ham.

    West Ham Declan Rice
    Declan Rice

    The Hammers have undergone an unfortunate run of actions that has seen them drop to 17th in the Premier League table.

    Their 2-0 shocking defeat to Brentford last week Friday has left Moyes’s team outside of the relegation zone only on goal difference.

    Meanwhile, some West Ham supporters have rigorously accused England’s defensive midfielder Rice, who has sparked rumors that he will leave the Hammers at the end of this season, for the club’s failure.

    Some West Ham fans have been throwing attacking sentiments on social media at their captain Rice’s recent displays at the London club.

    Rice faces tons of abuse from fans with speculation mounting that he will flee from West Ham, the club he has joined in 2014.

    One of the fans took to his Instagram account and alleged Rice of acting in contrast to the allegiance expected of him, claiming he has given up his performance.

    West Ham Declan Rice
    Rice hits back at fans who claimed he has given up on his performance.

    But the England defensive midfielder has hit back after reading the post on Instagram.

    Declan Rice affirms he will ‘never, ever give up’ on West Ham despite the tons of criticisms arising from some fans.

    He wrote: “Keep reading little comments like these that are, 1. Funny & 2. Complete nonsense. I would never give up, on the fans or the club.”

    “Of course things on a football pitch get tough! But especially as captain and wearing this shirt, I know exactly what it means to play for West Ham.”

    However, it appears not all social media comments have condemned Rice’s commitment to the Hammers.

    One of West Ham fans’ accounts tweeted to defend the England midfielder: ”The fact people are claiming he has given up is genuinely disgusting.”

    ”ANYBODY who goes to games, especially away games will vouch that he is the one demanding people’s press, he is the one leading the side after we concede. He is the guy people turn to.”

    West Ham manager David Moyes has also joined other fans as he has publicly come out to defend his captain from social media critiques.

    West Ham Manager David Moyes

    Moyes said last week: “People can have their opinions, but Declan played fantastically well in midweek and he has done for nearly all the time I’ve been here.”

    The rumors that Declan Rice might depart from the Hammers at the end of the season could be owed to efforts from a host of clubs who have been linked with moves for the captain over recent months.

    Manchester City, who are Champions League club, and Manchester United are believed to be among the top clubs who are interested in Rice.

    Meanwhile, Chelsea, who released the England midfielder as a youngster, is also keen on bringing Rice back to Stamford Bridge.

    What’s Next for West Ham?

    The Hammers, who currently sit 17th place in the Premier League will hopefully fight to distance themselves as they near relegation spots.

    West Ham will next be seen in Premier League action at Elland Road stadium today when they head to Leeds United before an FA Cup trip to Brentford on Saturday, January 7.


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