Declan Rice: England players may discuss social media boycott in the future


    England international and West Ham United defensive midfielder, Declan Rice has noted that at the rate at which racism and other forms of social media abuses are going, players of the country’s national team might have to discuss social media boycott in the future.

    The football star who is currently on international duty with England revealed that the players of the national team are yet to mention anything about boycotting social media.

    In recent times, there has been an increased rate of racism via social media especially against football stars and people of mixed-race. Due to this, former Arsenal star, Thierry Henry removed himself from social media.

    The former France international said he would return to social media when authorities handling the platform have been able to take the fight as seriously as the fight against copyright infringement.

    Also, Wales international and Tottenham Hotspur loanee, Gareth Bale came out to say that he was ready to remove himself from social media if it becomes a collective decision of many sportsmen and other influential people.

    According to him, boycotting of social media can only be effective if it is done collectively instead of being an action taken by one or two sportspeople.

    Declan Rice
    Declan Rice.

    In line with his thought, Declan Rice who made his debut for the Three Lions of England on March 22, 2019, stressed that something ought to be done regarding how people are being abused on social media.

    “Something definitely has to be done,” said Rice. “There has been way too much in the last year especially with social media abuse.

    “For someone like me who runs my own account and has that interaction and love with the fans, I don’t have any problem with it.

    “It is important that a player like me can have interaction with West Ham or England fans.

    “Thierry Henry has boycotted it. I’ve seen Gareth Bale come out and say something. It may be a decision that is spoken about in the future between the players, at the moment there is not.”

    Declan Rice who has made 14 appearances for England and has scored a goal since he made his debut in 2019 said he has been a victim of social media abuse in the past.

    The 22-year-old defensive midfielder recalled how he was made a meme on social media years after he was ridiculed via the same platform for a clip that surfaced on the internet showing when Mason Mount scared him.

    He said: “When we were on the plane about to leave Albania, Harry Kane did not realize what had happened and he saw the video. He said ‘Dec, sorry mate!’.

    “I turned around and we had a bit of a laugh. I said to the boss before, I’ve been turned into a meme again. I obviously had the one with Mason scaring me. Now I have been left hanging! I need to improve on that front.”


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