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David Luiz Injury update… the 33 years old Arsenal defender may be out for a while

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Arsenal player David Luiz was injured while playing in the premier league match against Leicester City on October 25, 2020. During the match, David Luiz suddenly sat down on the pitch signaling that he could not continue.

The ball was still in play and Arsenal goalie Bernd Leno threw the ball out of the pitch to allow the medics to attend to defender David Luiz.

Sadly, David Luiz could not continue and he was taken off and replaced by Shkodran Mustafi. A post-match report confirmed that Luiz will be out for a while due to a muscular injury.

Arsenal boss Mikel Arteta gave an update on David Luiz’s injury

‘I don’t know,’ the Spanish boss said of the injured pair. ‘We’ve lost a few players in the last week or so. ‘David had a muscular problem and he couldn’t carry on – we’ll have to assess him in the next 48 hours.’ Mikel Arteta said while talking to the press after the match against Leicester City.

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David Luiz injury history

See the list below to see how often David Luiz has been injured in his entire career. The list is longer than this but we are able to get this much info from the Transfer market page site.

SeasonInjuryfromuntilDaysGames missed
17/18Knee InjuryApr 1, 2018May 13, 201842 days9
17/18Ankle InjuryFeb 10, 2018Mar 31, 201849 days8
17/18Ankle problemsJan 25, 2018Feb 2, 20188 days2
17/18Knee InjuryNov 26, 2017Jan 5, 201840 days11
15/16Knee ProblemsJan 28, 2016Feb 1, 20164 days1
15/16Knee InjuryNov 16, 2015Nov 26, 201510 days2
15/16KnockOct 12, 2015Nov 2, 201521 days4
14/15Foot InjuryMay 1, 2015May 14, 201513 days2
14/15Hamstring InjuryApr 10, 2015Apr 14, 20154 days1
14/15Thigh Muscle StrainOct 30, 2014Nov 4, 20145 days1
14/15Thigh Muscle StrainOct 15, 2014Oct 20, 20145 days1
14/15Knee ProblemsSep 11, 2014Sep 15, 20144 days3
13/14Hip problemsMar 6, 2014Mar 17, 201411 days2
13/14Hip problemsFeb 18, 2014Feb 27, 20149 days2
13/14Knee InjuryNov 22, 2013Dec 10, 201318 days
credit: Transfer market.

Yesterday October 25, 2020, Davido Luiz picked up a muscular injury. The 33 years old CB is approaching the end of his career and Arsenal may have to try to not depend on him too much. As of now, Davido Luiz is Arsenal’s main defender and this was why Leicester City was able to score when he left the pitch after his injury. He is expected to meet with the medical staff for more evaluation later today. We will bring you more updates on David Luiz’s injury as they become available.

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