David Beckham wants Cristiano Ronaldo to stay at Manchester United next year


    Ex-United forward, David Beckham, wants Cristiano Ronaldo to continue at Manchester United for a few more seasons, probably a year or two, and predicts “changes” this summer at Old Trafford. Ronaldo returned to Manchester United from Juventus during the summer transfer window, and the additions of Jadon Sancho and Raphael Varane gave fans hope for a good season.

    However, the Red Devils are currently sixth in the Premier League, having played more matches than anyone else. Some have criticized Ronaldo’s overall performance, but it’s difficult to argue with his goal record of 24 goals in 38 matches for Manchester United this season.

    There have been suggestions that Ronaldo is considering his future after Manchester United failed to qualify for the Champions League, but Beckham believes the Portugal star will stay. Beckham recently stated in an interview: “Obviously, Cristiano has been one of the finest players in the previous 15 years, with Leo [Messi].”

    It is critical for United fans to see him stay – hopefully stay – at the club. It’s crucial to him, and we all know how much he loves Manchester United. “

    And he’s still doing what he does best: scoring goals and creating opportunities. That’s exactly what Cristiano does. Even at his age, accomplishing what he’s doing is amazing, so hopefully, it continues and he stays for another year or two. When asked about United’s disastrous season finale, Beckham said, “I think there are adjustments to be made and changes that are happening, and we’ve seen that.”

    It’s been a difficult season, but it’s finally over. I’m sure a lot of people are grateful for it, because it’s been a difficult year with many ups and downs. ” “The players have done their best, and so has the management, but you still show up at the stadium.” When I arrived at the stadium a few months ago, every seat was taken.

    “So the fans still believe, the fans still support, and the fans will always come out to support the team because that’s what United supporters do. “There aren’t many other clubs that have gone through what they have in recent years and are still filling their stadiums, so that speaks a lot about the supporters and what they stand for, and there will be changes.”


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