David Beckham Hugs Lionel Messi’s Mother Celia Maria Cuccittini As Inter Miami Defeated Atlanta United 4-0


Inter Miami CEO David Beckham hugged Lionel Messi’s mother, Celia Maria Cuccittini, as the America team defeated Atlanta United 4-0, with Lionel Messi scoring two goals.

The former Manchester United midfielder walked toward Celia Maria in the stands, and they exchanged greetings with a beautiful hug. Lionel Messi’s mother, Celia Mara, was seen holding his son’s jersey.

Loud music was playing in the background, and the fans were in a joyous mood after seeing their favorite team win the second match in a row after signing Lionel Messi.


How Inter Miami Defeated Atlanta United With Messi Scoring a Brace

The Argentine legend scored a late-minute free kick on July 22, 2023, to give Inter Miami their first win in 11 matches. He continued his beautiful form by scoring two goals against Atlanta United in Major League Soccer.

Messi also assisted on the fourth one as Inter Miami cruised to a win. Messi now has 3 goals in 2 matches with Inter Miami.

It took him 19 matches to reach 3 goals with Barcelona and 6 matches to reach 3 goals with Paris Saint Germain.

Lionel Messi’s first goal came in the 9th minute of the match, and it was assisted by one of his old teammates, Sergio Busquets. He missed it initially and scored the rebound.

After the goal, there was a VAR check for an offside, but it wasn’t. Inter Miami got another chance in the 12th minute but could not make use of it.

The seven-time Ballon d’Or winner scored another goal in the 22nd minute of the match. He created a space for himself in the midfield and gave the ball to his teammate, Robert Taylor, who fed Lionel Messi back, and Messi had an open net to tap in.

Lionel Messi got another ball from Sergio Busquets. The Argentine beat the Atlanta goalkeeper again, but it was ruled out for offside.

There has been nice communication on the pitch between Lionel Messi and Robert Taylor. The Argentine player was involved in the third goal; he got the ball to Benji Cremaschi, who assisted Taylor in scoring one of the best goals of the season.


Inter Miami scored three first-half goals for the first time in their club history. They came close to scoring the fourth goal a few minutes into the second half, but it was saved by Atlanta United’s goalkeeper Brad Guzan.

Inter Miami made mistakes at the back in the second half of the game. Atlanta United also capitalized, but it was not enough to get a goal due to Georgios Giakoumakis’s poor first touch.

Lionel Messi, the man of the moment so far, received a misplaced ball from Atlanta United, and he capitalized on it, setting the ball through Taylor’s path to make it 4-0 in the 52nd minute.

David Beckham Hugs Lionel Messi's Mother Celia Maria Cuccittini After Inter Miami Defeated Atlanta United 4-0

Taylor nearly made it a hat trick, but he was denied by legendary United States goalkeeper Brad Guzan.

Atlanta United’s Miguel Berry had the best chance of the game, but his shots were not convincing enough. In the 84th minute of the match, Atlanta United’s Almanda got his penalty saved by Inter Miami’s goalkeeper Drake Callender.

Who Is Lionel Messi’s Mother Celia Maria Cuccittini?

Lionel Messi’s mother, Maria, was born on January 23, 1960, and she is currently 63 years old. Maria had three sons: Lionel Messi, Rodrigo Messi, and Matias Messi.

She also has a daughter named Maria Sol Messi.

As a full-time housekeeper, Lionel Messi’s mother, Maria, earns $1,700 monthly to feed the family. She is an integral part of Lionel Messi’s career.

David Beckham Hugs Lionel Messi's Mother Celia Maria Cuccittini After Inter Miami Defeated Atlanta United 4-0

When the family discovered that Lionel Messi was not growing, they took him to Spain, and Barcelona told the parents they would pay for his medical fees.

After the agreement, the player’s mother left him and went back to Argentina to stay. Lionel Messi, at that time, was living with his father. For the first period of his professional career, he only saw his mother and siblings four times in a month.

He was emotionally wrecked because he was not seeing his mother as often as he wanted. The first tattoo Lionel Messi got was of his mother.

David Beckham Hugs Lionel Messi's Mother Celia Maria Cuccittini After Inter Miami Defeated Atlanta United 4-0

After Lionel Messi won the 2022 FIFA World Cup, his mother, Celia, went to the pitch and hugged him. It was so emotional to see for the fans.


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