Danny Hodgson: Footballer who is in Coma gets a special message from Cristiano Ronaldo

ECU soccer player Danny Hodgson who was bashed while walking to Perth train station

Manchester United returnee, Cristiano Ronaldo, has sent a get well soon message to Danny Hodgson, an English footballer that has been in a coma since September 5.

Danny Hodgson plays for ECU Joondalup in the National Premier League Western Australia. On September 5, 2021, he and his club teammates celebrated the end of the local season.

Afterward, the 26-year-old footballer was reportedly attacked while walking into a train station in Perth, Australia. Since the attack happened, the identity of the culprit has not been revealed.

After the attack, good Samaritans took him to Royal Perth Hospital in critical condition. Few moments after he was rushed to the hospital, it was confirmed that he is in a coma.

When the attack happened, the closest associate with Danny Hodgson in Australia was Jess, his girlfriend. Reports claimed that Jess has been keeping watch over him since the incident happened.

File photo of Danny Hodgson and his girlfriend, Jess.
File photo of Danny Hodgson and his girlfriend, Jess.

The parents of the footballer, Nicola, and Peter Hodgson flew from the United Kingdom to Australia within the week to be by the side of their son why he battles for his life.

Reports in Australia confirmed that Danny Hodgson’s parents are still under quarantine in Royal Perth Hospital base on the coronavirus protocol in Australia that new arrivals from the United Kingdom must quarantine for at least 10 days.

On September 19, 2021, Danny Hodgson turned 26-year-old and Cristiano Ronaldo decided to send him a video message to wish him well.

In the video message Ronaldo sent ahead of West Ham United vs Manchester United Premier League game on Sunday, Ronaldo invited Hodgson to come and watch a Man United game when he has recovered.

Ronaldo said: “Hi Danny, I just hear about your history, I hope you get well soon. I invite you to come to one of [our’] games in Manchester, so get well soon my friend. Take care.”

Danny Hodgson’s parents Nicola and Peter Hodgson shared their birthday message to their son

 Danny Hodgson is in a coma at Royal Perth Hospital.
Danny Hodgson is in a coma at Royal Perth Hospital.

Danny Hodgson is celebrating his 26th birthday in a coma but that didn’t stop his parents, Nicola and Peter Hodgson to write him a birthday message.

In the message, the footballer’s parents urged their bedridden son to be courageous and believe in the healing power of love.

They wrote: “Danny, on your 26th birthday, our gift to you is our belief in your courage, your strength, and the healing power of love.

“With the outpouring of love coming to you from (Danny’s girlfriend) Jess, family, friends, the football world, and the people of Western Australia, it won’t be long before you are back on the field.

“You’ve got this son. Love Mum and Dad. XX…

“The fierce love we have for Danny began the moment he entered the world – two weeks premature and weighing a tiny 2.3 kilos.

“As soon as he could walk, he was kicking a football…

“He didn’t know anyone and stood nervously on the sidelines, not wanting to join in despite encouragement from the coach.

“Eventually, with only minutes remaining, Danny ran onto the pitch, got the ball, dribbled around three players, and smashed it straight into the corner of the goal, stunning onlookers. It wasn’t long before the professional teams were coming to watch him.

“He is hard-working, kind-hearted, funny, and quite simply a lovely young man…

“But it is not the same as waking up every morning to the smiling, positive, happy soul I’m lucky to have every day.

“With hope, love, and keeping positive, this will all be a bad dream soon and we can get on with making many more happy memories together.”


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