Dani Alves and his wife Joana Sanz kiss to celebrate their marriage anniversary


    Barcelona right-back Dani Alves took to his Instagram page to show off his beautiful wife Joana Sanz as they celebrate their 7th anniversary.

    The Brazilian legendary footballer shared a picture of himself and Sanz on Instagram exchanging a romantic kiss to mark their 7th year of love.

     Alves and his wife Joana Sanz kiss to celebrate their marriage anniversary.
    Alves and his wife Joana Sanz kiss to celebrate their wedding anniversary.

    Who is Alves’ first wife?

    Note that in July 2017, Alves married his longtime girlfriend Joana Sanz in Ibiza, Spain.

    Before her union with the FC Barcelona icon, Dani Alves had married Santana who he had two children with. The children’s names are Victoria and Daniel.

    Alves divorced Santana in 2011, yet they remain friends to care for their children.

    Who is Joana Sanz?

    Who is Joana Sanz?
    Joana Sanz, Alves’ wife.

    Joana Sanz, a Spanish model, was born on September 6, 1993, and studied Psychology in college. She dropped out of college and decided to focus her efforts on improving her modeling skills.

    Joana has a tight relationship with several well-known fashion figures. She has collaborated with several well-known companies, including Jimmy Choo, Gucci, Rosa Clara, and others. Her net worth is expected to be approximately $400k in 2022.

    Apart from being a footballer’s wife, Joana is a famous Spanish model with 727k Instagram followers who collaborates with several well-known fashion brands.

    Dani Alves and his marriage with Joana Sanz

    Joana had previously turned down three marriage proposals before opting to marry Dani Alves in 2017.

    Dani Alves and his wife Joana Sanz recently celebrated their 7th wedding anniversary. They made a post about it on their Instagram pages.

    To mark the anniversary, Alves wrote, “Life finds meaning when two little crazies meet. Then, they decide that every moment together, no matter where they will be worth it. They said we wouldn’t last and we almost made it 7 years.

    While his wife wrote: “Celebrating our 7th anniversary and wishing you many more years of love. Whether you’re Dani Alves painting and make me run around airports or you think you’ve told me something when you’ve only thought about it.

    “I love you like this, with your “taras”. “I love sleeping with your breath in my hair, with your morning kisses, with your caresses at any time and the way you look at me.”

    Dani Alves and his contract with FC Barcelona

    Dani Alves
    Dani Alves celebrating with Messi

    Dani Alves contract with Barcelona will expire this summer and he’s still considering to renew it.

    However, he has had offers from other teams which means he could leave the Spanish giants in the next transfer window. Dani Alves was a regular right-back during his time at Barcelona.

    Alves has a special place in the history book of football as he is the only footballer in the world to win 43 trophies.


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