Cristiano Ronaldo will be in the starting lineup for tomorrow when Manchester United take on Newcastle tomorrow- Ole Gunnar Solskjaer


    Usually, when a player just joined a club, he is given some time to adjust before walking onto the starting lineup. However, Cristiano Ronaldo’s case is different, Manchester United coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer confirmed that Ronaldo will be in the starting lineup against Newcastle united.

    Ronaldo will then make his second Manchester United debut against Newcastle.   Ronaldo scored a hattrick in his first Debut against Newcastle United. Tomorrow, he will try to do it again, and it’s very possible since Newcastle is not a strong premier league team.

    Ole Gunnar Solskjaer on Cristiano Ronaldo “He has been having a good pre-season with Juventus, he has played for the national team,” said Solskjaer at his pre-match news conference.

    “He has had a good week with us here and he will definitely be on the pitch at some point that is for sure.”

    “Of course, we know what he has achieved in his career, but he is coming here to achieve more and he is coming here to put demands,” Ole added

    The 36 years old signed broke his contract with Juventus to come back to Old Trafford to finish his career as a Manchester United player.

    “That is what he does, he has lived his life with the discipline of a top professional. Ever since he came here, I remember he was the first one who did the preparation [for matches] really well.

    “We have grown as a group the last few years. The desire, determination and focus has improved all the time.

    “Even bringing in Raphael [Varane], he has come in with a winner’s mentality, an unbelievable focus but then of course Cristiano comes in as well. There is no place to hide when you have got winners like them.”

    “Everyone evolves and they develop through their career. Of course, Cristiano is a different player to the one who left but he is in such a good knick still and he’ll be looking at the next few years to play as much as he can, score as many goals as he can.

    “He is adding something extra. We haven’t got his skillsets in the team, the mix of his skillsets. No one has really because he is, if not the, at least one of the best players that has ever played the game.”

    “It’s one of these things that Edinson has been remarkable (with), (he) played really, really well last season,” Solskjaer said.

    “Cristiano was ringing Edinson and they speak with each other. To pass off his shirt, it just shows the respect he’s got for Cristiano but also Cristiano speaking to Edinson shows the respect the other way.

    “Two top, top professionals and players, and human beings.”

    “You have got Ryan Giggs who played until he was 40. I am not going to be surprised if Cristiano will end with the same age.”


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