Cristiano Ronaldo Set To Miss Al-Nassr Debut Following His Crash With Everton Fan

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Cristiano Ronaldo will not be able to make his much-anticipated debut for his Saudi Arabian team on Thursday according to Sportsmail.

Cristiano Ronaldo

All 28,000 seats for his debut game against Al Ta’ee with his new club Al-Nassr, who are supposedly paying him £175 million annually, have been sold-out. He was expected to make a splash when he began his Arabian career.

The self-described “unique” athlete, who abruptly departed Manchester United, is currently awaiting punishment for a misdemeanor and has been informed that he is not permitted to play for Al Nassr later today.

On November 17, Ronaldo was given a £50,000 fine and a two-game suspension by the England Football Association.

After United lost a game at Goodison Park in April of last year, he broke the phone of an Everton fan and was found guilty of improper and aggressive behavior.

Cristiano Ronaldo
Ronaldo smacks a phone from Everton fan following Man United’s defeat at Goodison pack

A foreign player must leave Al-Nassr, and the club must obtain a Certificate of Competence from the Saudi Arabian Football Federation (SAFF) by paying dues to employees in the football industry, according to the Saudi newspaper Al-Riyadiah. Ronaldo is therefore unable to make his debut on Thursday.

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Additionally, Ronaldo would be allowed time to regain his full fitness before making his debut, according to coach Rudi Garcia.

“Any disciplinary sanction of up to four matches or up to three months that has been imposed on a player by the former association but not yet (entirely) served by the time of the transfer shall be enforced by the new association at which the player has been registered for the sanction to be served at the domestic level,” according to Article 12.1 of FIFA’s Regulations on the Status and Transfer of Players.

The suspension follows him to his subsequent club and prevents Al Nassr from showcasing its new star striker until he serves two match ban.

Cristiano Ronaldo
Ronaldo at Al-Nassr

As he went down the tunnel, he slapped Jacob Harding’s hand, breaking the boy’s phone.

Ronaldo, according to his mother Sarah Kelly, also damaged her son’s hand.

Last month, when the investigation was still ongoing, it was believed that Ronaldo would accept the FA’s charge of illegal behavior but was adamant about fighting the possibility of a ban.

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Ronaldo was held responsible for “a purposeful and hard smackdown” that was “a petulant act,” according to the Independent FA panel, which was chaired by Christopher Quinlan KC.

Ronaldo testified before the hearing through an electronic filing that the Everton game’s atmosphere had been “feverish” and unfriendly.

Late in the game, he claimed, he was hurt by a hard tackle but managed to stay on the field. He claimed that the United players exited the field via a walkway rather than the usual players’ tunnel.

Cristiano Ronaldo said that Everton fans heckled him and other United players as they were leaving the field because of the hostile atmosphere in the stadium.

Cristiano Ronaldo
Ronaldo during his Al-Nassr unveiling

Al Nassr does not play again after Thursday’s game, which he will miss, until Saturday, January 14, in a derby against Al-Shabab.

Numerous supporters of Ronaldo’s new team who purchased tickets and stood in line to purchase shirts bearing his name and the number “7” will be inconsolable over the suspension.

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The Al Nassr and Al Ta’ee Saudi pro match scheduled to kick-off today, will commence at 16:00.

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