Cristiano Ronaldo Delighted As Telisca’s Son Does The Siu Celebration


    Cristiano Ronaldo could not hide his excitement as Telisca, his new teammate’s son does his iconic ‘Siu’ celebration in Al-Nassr dressing room.

    Cristiano Ronaldo is probably settling well into his new surroundings in Saudi Arabia.

    The striker appears to be at ease based on the enthusiastic photos and videos that have been shared in the wake of his warm greeting by the Al-Nassr supporters.

    The footballer differs greatly from the Ronaldo the world witnessed in his final years at Manchester United and in the Portugal national team at the Qatar 2022 World Cup.

    The players at Al-Nassr appear ecstatic to be sharing the same dressing room with the five-time Ballon d’Or winner.

    Even though the superstar is yet to make his official club debut, his influence has already been noticed.

    One of Ronaldo’s new teammates, Anderson Talisca, brought his little son into the locker room in a recent video that Futballnews tweeted.

    The youngster decided to demonstrate to the former Real Madrid attacker just how good he is with the ball.

    Ronaldo was fully engaged when Talisca’s youngster hit the Siuuu celebration, which had the Portuguese legend in stitches.

    Fans of Al-Nassr will be expecting a lot more “Siuus” when he starts playing league games in Saudi Arabia.

    In contrast, Ronaldo switched to the “peace of mind” celebration during his final matches for Manchester United, clasping his hands in front of his chest, closing his eyes, and gazing upwards.

    During his time at Real Madrid, Ronaldo, who joined the Saudi Arabian side Al Nassr in the first week of January, invented one of the sport’s most famous celebrations.

    Cristiano Ronaldo Delighted As Telisca's Son Does The Siu Celebration

    The celebration, known as the “Siuu,” entails Ronaldo rushing up, performing a mid-air spin, and then landing with his arms outstretched. After the celebration, a loud ‘siuu’ cry is often heard.

    On Thursday, Ronaldo might make his Saudi Arabian debut against Paris Saint-Germain in a friendly match (January 19).

    He could feature for the All-Star team containing players from Al Nassr and Al Hilal.

    Why Did Cristiano Ronaldo Leave United?

    Cristiano Ronaldo’s departure from Manchester United was due to his interview with Piers Morgan, according to manager Erik ten Hag, who made this claim earlier in the year.

    The Portuguese player has claimed that the club has “betrayed” him ever since his return in the summer of 2021, and that he has “no respect” for Ten Hag.

    Ten Hag admitted that he watched the interview that Ronaldo gave to Piers. “I have seen most of it. I have to do it. It is part of my job to do it,” he said.

    Because the athlete hadn’t previously shown an interest in going, Ten Hag was taken aback by Ronaldo’s candor in the interview.

    The Dutch strategist claimed that although there had been no window during the season, the player had never previously shown a desire to depart.

    Even though he never informed Ten Hag that he intended to quit the club in July, Ronaldo spent the entirety of the previous summer searching for a new team.

    Despite having a difficult season to start at Old Trafford, he was forced to stay, and no European team made a move for him.

    Ten Hag moved Ronaldo on the bench for the most of United’s Premier League games this season.

    The team chose not to use him against Chelsea the following week after he refused to play for the final three minutes of the game against Tottenham in October 2022.

    Ronaldo Junior Takes After His Father

    We previously reported that Ronaldo, as he always does when switching teams, pulled his son Cristiano Junior out of the Manchester United academy.

    Cristiano Ronaldo Delighted As Telisca's Son Does The Siu Celebration

    The veteran’s partner, Georgina Rodriguez, and their other son, Mateo, waited on the sidelines to watch Ronaldo Junior in action in Saudi Arabia recently.

    Rodriguez adores Cristiano Jr. totally despite the fact that he is not her biological child. She was seen supporting him last year while he played for the Red Devils academy team.


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