Cristiano Ronaldo Celebrates Saudi Arabia Founding Day in Full Saudi Thobe (Video)

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Cristiano Ronaldo is bent on making his spell in Saudi Arabia a worthwhile experience after joining Al-Nassr.

Cristiano Ronaldo

The former Manchester United forward took part in celebrating the Saudi found day, posting footage of the celebration on his social media handle.

In the viral footage available at the end of this post, Cristiano Ronaldo was pictured in Saudi Arabia’s male wear – a full-length loose-fitting garment with long sleeves.

He was obviously relishing the experience as he sings and dine with top Saudi officials at Al-Nassr celebrating the occasion of the nations founding.

After posting the video on his social media handle, some fans especially those of Saudi extraction, took to the comment section to express their admiration of the legendary footballer.

A fan wrote, ” whatsoever is the club I support Al-Hilal, thank you Cristiano Ronaldo for promoting the Saudi Founding Day.”

Another wrote, “This is really amazing. Thank you Al-Nassr and Cristiano Ronaldo and happy founding day.”

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Another wrote, “great appearance Cristiano.We are proud to celebrate with you this great occasion for the kingdom of Saudi Arabia.”

Cristiano joined Al-Nassr as a last resort following his troubled spell with Manchester United which led to the termination of his contract.

He joined the Saudi outfit as a free agent after his bid to stay in Europe’s top flight did not go through.

His Al-Nassr move made him the highest-paid football athlete in the world, earning a whooping ยฃ175m per year.

However, he had to surmount some hurdles that would have impeded his move and also distract his stay at the club.

Al-Nassr’s move for Cristiano Ronaldo was a highly-anticipated move by followers of Saudi football and the Saudi government.

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Cristiano Ronaldo

Al-Nassr had to clear hurdles that will impede the move and even had to axe of their players to be able to register Cristiano Ronaldo since the arrival of the latter breached the provisions of the Saudi Pro League on foreign quotas allotted to each club in the league.

The former Juventus star joined Al-Nassr with an FA suspension during his spell in the Premier. There were reports Al-Nassr officials were trying to work out a loophole in FIFA rules that would allow Ronaldo to make his debut for the club despite the suspension.

Also, an open-arm welcome by the Saudi govenment and their people made Ronaldo Al-Nassr move possible. Cristiano Ronaldo has been allowed to live in Saudi Arabia with his partner Georgina Rodriguez although they are not married.

The Saudi people are a culturally conservative people with stringent rules on marriage and romantic relationships.

There were speculations Cristiano Ronaldo may be inconvenienced by Saudi laws on romantic relationships since he is not married to Georgina Rodriguez, but the Saudi government was ready to waive their marriage and relationship laws to accommodate the football legend and his partner.

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Ronaldo has scored five goals for the club in his five appearances, including a four-goal haul in the Saudi Pro League clash against Al-Wehda.

Saudi Founding Day Celebrations

Last year, Saudi Arabia ruler King Salman made a decree which established February 22 of every year as the nation’s Founding Day to commemorate the countryโ€™s founding by Imam Mohammed bin Saud.

The day was marked with a national holiday featuring artistic and cultural displays across the nooks and crannies of the Kingdom.

Al-Nassr joined a host of other Saudis to celebrate the day, with Cristiano Ronaldo joining in the celebrations.

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