Cristiano Ronaldo Accepts FA Charge, But Ready to Fight a Ban

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Cristiano Ronaldo has reportedly accepted the FA charge of improper and violent conduct but will not accept a ban. Ronaldo faced a potential ban over the incident at Goodison Park last season.

Cristiano Ronaldo
Ronaldo smacked off the phone of Jacob Harding after a 1-0 loss at Goodison Park

Last season in the Premier League at Goodison Park, Ronaldo was caught on camera smashing the phone of an Everton’s fan Jacob Harding while the latter was attempting to have a snap of Manchester United players heading off the pitch after losing 1-0 to Everton.

The video of Ronaldo smashing Jacob Harding’s phone went viral, with some football fans condemning the incident.

Ronaldo issued a public apology after the incident, inviting Jacob Harding to a peace dinner, and to also come and watch Man United game at Old Trafford through his sponsorship.

Ronaldo admitted having acted wrongly due to the pressure of the moment after the loss to Everton.

Cristiano Ronaldo
Sarah and Jacob Harding

The Portuguese star was obviously angry after the game and overreacted when Jacob Harding attempted to take a picture of Ronaldo and other Man United players.

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Despite Ronaldo’s public apology after the incident and his readiness for restitution for Jacob Harding, her mother, Sarah, has maintained that Ronaldo must face the full penalty of the law.

She slammed Ronaldo for making her child undergo emotional turmoil coupled with his already volatile autistic condition.

Sarah dismissed the apology by Cristiano Ronaldo and also blasted him for calling Jacob Harding for a dinner and a chance to come to Old Trafford.

According to her, Cristiano Ronaldo’s apology and call for dinner are disrespectful and a brazen show of class.

Sarah pleaded with the authorities not to allow the case to slip by ensuring that Cristiano Ronaldo faces the full wrath of the law for his assault on her son.

Meanwhile, in the middle of the incident, Merseyside Police called Cristiano Ronaldo to make inquiries about the incident.

The Police admitted that they interviewed Ronaldo about the incident and have resolved not to charge the Manchester United forward after cautioning him.

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The matter has been resurrected by the English FA, who had to wait for the Merseyside Police investigation to end.

The FA has now charged Cristiano Ronaldo and have given him until Monday to respond to the charges.

Ronaldo is yet to respond to the charges, as no statement of response has been issued by the Manchester United forward.

Cristiano Ronaldo

Meanwhile, his club, Manchester United, is behind their top striker and legendary player.

Manchester United has stated that they are monitoring the situation and will fight any attempt at a harsh punishment, such as a ban for the 37-year-old.

“We spoke about that, and he will not accept it,” Erik Ten Hag confirms.

It is also understood that the Red Devils consider a harsh punishment unfair to Cristiano Ronaldo since he did not dispute that the incident occurred and had tendered an apology to Jacob Harding after the incident.

Ronaldo will plead for leniency after he reportedly pleaded guilty to the charge by FA.

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What is now clear is that he will not accept any harsh punishment after not disputing that the incident occurred.

He will contest the decision, according to Erik Ten Hag and Manchester United are ready to back him.

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