Check Out The Mansion Wayne Rooney Is Returning To As Birmingham City New Coach


    Wayne Rooney recently became manager of Birmingham City and this indicates that he would be returning to his mega mansion in England.

    Rooney’s home is estimated to be worth about £20 million and it is called High Lake Manor.

    The mansion has a standard-length football pitch, a massive garage, two man-made fishing lakes, a cinema, and a swimming pool.

    It is understood that Wayne Rooney and his family moved into their dream home located in Cheshire in December 2021.

    Wayne Rooney’s Mega Mansion in Cheshire

    Rooney and his wife, Coleen Rooney, own a considerable property portfolio, including homes in Florida, the USA, the UK, and the Caribbean.

    However, the monumental edifice that tops their property list is their six-bedroom £20 million apartment which sits on a 40-acre piece of land.

    Was Wayne Rooney mansion bought or built from scratch?

    This luxurious mansion wasn’t ready-made as it was built from scratch. The building as aforementioned is located in Cheshire.

    The apartment sits on a 40-acre piece of land

    The apartment as earlier revealed has a standard-length football pitch, and the pitch also has an area for spectators.

    It is a five-a-side turf, which also has dressing rooms with showers for those who play on the pitch.

    Wayne Rooney mansion
    The Rooney’s family Cheshire home is a mega edifice

    Wayne Rooney attempted to install floodlights on the full-size pitch, but he was stopped from doing so, due to the location of his mansion.

    The Englishman is understood to be a massive lover of fishing, and that was his reason for including fishing lakes in the family’s mansion.

    The High Lake Manor has been previously mocked for appearing like a Morrisons supermarket by neighbors as a result of its size, structure, and layout.

    Wayne Rooney mansion
    Rooney’s home has in the past been mocked got looking like a Morrisons supermarket

    However, in contrast to a Morrisons, the apartment now boasts of an orangery, bar, TV room, snooker room, cinema, and wine cellar.

    The large swimming pool in his mansion is surrounded by a glass pavilion, a hot tub, a plunge pool, a steam room, and a changing room for both genders.

    The 20 million mansion also has an extensive patio, landscaped gardens, a guest toilet, separate lifts, a massive gym, a pool, and a jacuzzi.

    Wayne Rooney mansion
    This mansion has a jacuzzi, a swimming pool, a cinema amongst many others

    Reports indicate that Rooney parted with in excess of £4 million to a property developer in Cheshire to acquire the space and the initial structure on it.

    What prompted the Rooney family to build their mega home in Cheshire?

    Wayne Rooney and his family decided to build their dream home after burglars tried to burgle their apartment in 2016 before police came to their rescue.

    Rooney’s sons in their parents Cheshire mansion

    The all-time goalscorer of Manchester United grew up in a council house in Liverpool, but he has shown his large taste influence in real estate, as he owns a villa based in Barbados.

    The 37-year-old also owns a £320,000 waterfront home in Florida, which he reportedly acquired in 2007.

    He also bought an apartment in Merseyside for his parents which has been estimated to cost about £450,000.

    Wayne Rooney and his wife, Coleen Rooney are said to be worth within the region of £115 million – £120 million, and their property portfolio spreads across the globe.

    Coleen Rooney seen in their 20 million mansion

    The former England international played for several clubs during his career, namely; Manchester United, Everton, Derby County, and DC United.

    Rooney was an accomplished footballer, winning every club trophy that he could win and he is arguably the greatest player to play for Manchester United.

    He made 763 club appearances in his career, scoring 313 goals and providing 170 assists across all competitions.

    Wayne Rooney also represented England, and he is the second top-scorer of the Three Lions, with 53 goals in 120 appearances.

    The 37-year-old has managed Derby County and DC United so far in his career, and he has been handed the responsibility to take Birmingham City to the Premier League as soon as possible.


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