Charlie Morgan, The Ball Boy That Was Kicked by Eden Hazard, is Now Richer Than Harry Kane


In 2013, a 17-year-old ball boy, Charlie Morgan, met the wrath of ex-Chelsea star and now Real Madrid player Eden Hazard.

In a tightly-contested semifinal EFL Cup clash between Chelsea and Swansea City, Charlie Morgan, allowed his sublime passion overtake him.

Swansea were leading and Chelsea were set to crash out of the EFL but were about to take a free kick before the ball was off the field of play.

Charlie Morgan
Eden Hazard kicked ball boy Morgan in 2013

Attempting to kill time and delay the game a little further to allow Swansea sail through, Charlie Morgan, who was among the ball boys, clutched to the ball and refused to hand it off for a while.

The gesture saw former Chelsea and Real Madrid player, Eden Hazard lose his cool. Hazard descended on Charlie Morgan, kicked him and tried to wrestle the ball away from him.

Morgan, then 17, was left in pains following the assault. Another former Chelsea star, Demba ba, who also played the match, was empathetic to Charlie, rushing to him to check on him.

Demba ba checked on Morgan after Hazard’s assault

Meanwhile, Eden Hazard was sent off from the game due to the assault and Chelsea ended up losing and crashing out of the competition.

Charlie Morgan turned a hero as Swansea eliminated Chelsea from the competition and went ahead to clinch the trophy by beating Bradford in the final at Wembley.

Morgan’s infamous clash with Eden Hazard brought him to the spotlights with the media tracking his trails since then.

Charlie Morgan
Morgan (left) started his Au Vodka business with his school friend, Jackson Quinn (right)

Exactly 10 years after the incident, Charlie Morgan is now on the Times’ list of the richest young investors under the age of 35 in the United Kingdom.

Morgan’s net worth is now estimated at £55m.

Instead of pursuing a career in football like most ball boys, Morgan chose a different career path and good enough he is cashing out heavily.

The Sun reports Morgan set up his company, Au Vodka, with his school friend Jackson Quinn.

The business has witnessed immense growth of recent leaving Morgan with a fortune of £55m.

Charlie Morgan
Ronaldinho with Charlie Morgan’s Au Vodka
Mayweather has also been seen promoting Morgan’s Au Vodka

According to Times’ list, Charlie Morgan is now richer than some top English footballers such as Harry Kane.

Morgan’s success with his Vodka company has been linked to the influence of renowned sport stars such as Anthony Joshua, Roy Mcilroy, and Ronaldinho, who have promoted the business by patronizing the 26-year-old.

How did Charlie Morgan make his money?

Charlie Morgan makes his money through his Au Vodka, a multi-million pound alcohol company.

Who is the ball boy now a millionaire?

Charlie Morgan is the ball boy now a millionaire. He was kicked by former Chelsea star Eden Hazard in Carabao Cup semifinal clash against Swansea in 2013 for clutching onto the ball to delay the game.

How much is the owner of Au Vodka worth?

According to the Times’ list, the owner of Au Vodka, Charlie Morgan, is worth £55m, £4m richer than Tottenham and England all-time top scorer, Harry Kane.


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