Charles III Coronation Weekend: Liverpool Fans Set to Clash With EPL Over Call For National Anthem in Brentford Game


Liverpool fans are set to clash with the Premier League over calls to honor King Charles III Coronation in Liverpool Vs Brentford game.

King Charles III
Liverpool fans set for a showdown as Premier League plans to air national anthem in Stadiums to honor King Charles III coronation

The Premier League has asked all clubs in the Premier League to air the national anthem before matches to honour the coronation of King Charles III as the King of England.

King Charles III will officially be crowned as the King of England after his mother Queen Elizabeth died on 8 September, 2022.

He will succeed his mother as the King of England. The coronation ceremony, which will take place on May 6 2023, will witness elaborate succession rituals with all major British institutions set to join the ceremony.

King Charles III (left) will succeed his late mother Queen Elizabeth II

The Premier League, as an arm of the British establishment, will not be left out.

Interestingly, the coronation ceremony is scheduled for Saturday May 6 which is a busy day for Premier League clubs.

Hence, all Premier League clubs have been asked by the league body to air ‘God Save The King’ national anthem during the weekend fixtures to honor the Coronation Ceremony.

The national anthems will be played when the teams lineup for their fixtures before the kickoff.

According to Daily Mail, arrangement for the anthem to be aired has been concluded. The Premier League have reached out to the home teams to ensure the anthem is played.

The report also confirms the move by the Premier League ‘may cause issues for Liverpool.’

King Charles III will be crowned King of England on Saturday 6 May, 2022

Liverpool fans have booed the national anthem on several occasions.

Same reaction may likely surface when the Reds host Thomas Frank’s Brentford at Anfield on the day of the coronation ceremony with Liverpool officials already worried of how to handle the situation.

The club will deviate from the Premier League’s call if they don’t play the national anthem. Should the fans boo the anthem when it is played, they will face condemnation.

The club is indeed at the crossroads as things stand.

Meanwhile, it is not only the national anthem that will be played to honour the Coronation Ceremony.

Other processions to be observed by the club has been outlined. Players and officials will have to surround the center circle when the anthem is played.

The Coronation Logo, Portrait of the Queen Consort, and King Charles will be displayed on the screens while the anthem is played.

Liverpool fans have generally been critical of the English establishment. The attitude of the fans has been attributed to the prevailing ‘leftist disposition’ of the City.

Ahead of the 2022 FA Cup Final at Wembley, Liverpool fans booed the national anthem.

Liverpool fans boo national anthem in FA Cup Final in Wembley

They also booed Prince William as he was shaking hands with the players in the Community Shield clash against Manchester City in July.

In their Champions League clash against Ajax in September, some fans refused to honor the minute silence for Late Queen Elizabeth II.

Liverpool fans’ anti-government sentiment has been linked to the City’s decline in the 1980s and the Hillsborough disaster

On May 6, it is obvious Liverpool officials may likely battle with fans to maintain decorum when the national anthem is played to honor King Charles II Coronation.

King Charles III Coronation Ceremony

Charles Philip Arthur George, 74, known by his regal name, Charles III, will be crowned as the King of England, succeeding his mother, late Queen Elizabeth II.

His wife, Camila Parker Bowles, 75, will be crowned Queen of England. The Coronation Ceremony will take place on Saturday 6 May, 2023 at Westminster Abbey.

The ceremony is planned to reflect the multicultural heritage of United Kingdom. It will be marked with series of concerts, street shows and will end with the anointing and crowning of Charles III as the King of England.

On the day of the coronation, Charles III and his wife Camila will lead a procession to Abbey. All major religious leaders will be represented in the procession.

At the Abbey, Charles III will take the oath of kingship and will be anointed as the 40th King of England since 1066.

The event will be streamed live on all major social media platforms


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