Champions League: Nearly 2,000 Liverpool Fans Set to Sue Uefa 

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More than 1700 Liverpool fans are ready to sue UEFA after they were left stuck outside the stadium and the match was delayed for 35 minutes before kick-off.

In the last Champions League final between Real Madrid and Liverpool, some Liverpool fans were held at the entrance while some had to force their way into the arena in Paris to support their team.

The English fans’ club all claimed that they suffered injuries and were left with psychological trauma in the chaotic Champions League match. The fans were subjected to street crimes, crushes, and tear gas.

Liverpool fans putting out a banner before Real Madrid matc

Anxiety, PTSD, nightmares, and a desire to never again attend a European football tournament or even a French soccer match have all been mentioned by Fans.

The incident has been compared by some Liverpool supporters to the Hillsborough tragedy, in which football fans were crushed. Fans will never forget the catastrophe in history, which claimed 97 lives.

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In a case for 1,450 clients that claims negligence, Bingham’s has partnered with international law firm Pogust Goodhead.

According to Jill Paterson, the partner managing the possible group claim, 400 Liverpool supporters attended the game and filed interest with the national company Leigh Day.

Fans who claim to have broken ribs from crushes, as well as others, exhibiting signs of anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder, have filed legal claims.

Liverpool fans
A security officer put out a spray on a Liverpool fan

The French government had blamed Liverpool fans for not having proper tickets. An inquiry showed the blame should be put on UEFA, who failed to make proper preparations for the match.

This week, Liverpool announced that they had sent 8,500 fan testimonials to Uefa’s “independent evaluation” of the near-catastrophe.

UEFA has expressed regret to the incident’s victims and stated that they will not comment further until the conclusion of the ongoing investigation, which is anticipated to be at the end of November.

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Few Liverpool fans in the stadium showing support for Liverpool

What UEFA Should Do To Avoid Further Reoccurrence Of This Issue

The Governing body should start by doing everything possible to get ready for a big crowd of supporters. The team with a very large stadium capacity ought to be considered the hosting rights.

Liverpool fans
Liverpool fans showing their tickets

It is also UEFA’s responsibility to ensure the safety of visiting fans within the stadium, outside, and on the streets because there is a greater likelihood that fans will fight at upcoming final matches.

Because they spent a lot of money to attend the game, fans were dissatisfied that the UEFA did not guarantee their safety.

The Champions League: What Comes Next For Liverpool

At Anfield on October 4, 2022, they will welcome Rangers. Rangers is a difficult team to defeat, so Liverpool need to start winning games and get their act together if they want to avoid late qualification hassle. Liverpool only has three points in the group.

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