CF Montreal unveils new club logo


    On Friday, May 27, CF Montréal unveiled a new logo. The logo will be used for the first time next year, at the start of the club’s 2023 season.

    The new logo keeps the club’s current name, CF Montréal, and incorporates features from past designs, such as the fleur-de-lys, shield, blue dominance, and 1993, the club’s debut season.

    The black and blue stripes harken back to the club’s early years, particularly in 1994, when it won its first championship. Fans will be able to purchase a variety of goods displaying the new crest online during the forthcoming Christmas season.

    Joey Saputo, Chairman of the Board of Directors of CF Montréal, said, “Today we are turning another crucial page in our history. We began to consider our identity, as well as our logo, a few months ago and concluded that a realignment was required.

    “The employees, supporters, and partners we spoke with all voiced a strong desire to bring back elements that have defined the club’s past and are important to our identity. We heard them loud and clear, and we’ve created a logo that satisfies their needs. I’m thrilled that our new emblem will be dominated by the ‘Impact blue, as we’ve dubbed it.” 

    “I’d like to express my gratitude to our staff, fans, and partners, as well as Major League Soccer and Adidas for their cooperation. Creating a new logo is a difficult task. In an ecosystem like MLS, the process, which began before my arrival, had its share of problems, both in the choice of shapes and colors,” stated Gabriel Gervais, President, and CEO of CF Montréal.

    “The new logo process also allowed us to reflect on and explain our raison d’être as an institution, as well as what identifies us. The logo is part of a larger study on the identity of CF Montréal. We were also able to make observations that would influence our future messaging as a result of the approach.

    While Joey Saputo, the president of CF Montréal said, “We need to raise awareness about our role in Quebec, including developing local talent from the grassroots to the professional level, the importance of giving back to the community, promoting soccer culture in the province, and representing, even celebrating Montréal’s identity.”


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