Carson Pickett made history as she becomes the first woman to play full time for USWNT without a limb

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Carson Pickett, a female soccer player, became the first person without a limb to compete for the United States Women’s National Team (USWNT).

On Tuesday, Pickett, who was born without a left forearm and hand, contributed to the team’s victory over Colombia.

Both the team and Pickett made social media posts about the momentous occasion. They posted, “Kick It Like Pickett.”

Carson Pickett has already written on social media regarding her limb discrepancy. While she is “proud and comfortable” displaying her arm in April, which is Limb Loss and Limb Difference Awareness Month, she acknowledged that “there are so many others in the world who aren’t.”

Pickett added, “The feeling of being different and the dread of not fitting in is something that I have experienced.” She also mentioned how she used to cover her arm with a hoodie in the heat. “This month should be cherished since it is so very essential and wonderful.”

She declared that she wants to fight for people who are similar to herself. “Let’s all make an effort to love ourselves unconditionally and put kindness toward one another above all else. My kind of individuals are those who are diverse. More of that is needed in the world, “She remarked.

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The defender garnered media attention in 2019 after spending a unique time with a 22-month-old child who also has a limb discrepancy. At an Orlando Pride event, Pickett met Joseph Tidd, who was born without a left hand. She is one of his favorite soccer players, and a picture of them arm-bumping quickly gained popularity.

Joseph Tidd, boy born without a hand, meets soccer player Carson Pickett  just like him - CBS News

Although Pickett has experience with the under-17 and under-23 national teams, Tuesday marked her USWNT debut. She has also participated on a number of National Soccer League teams, most recently the North Carolina Courage and the Orlando Pride.

Since McCall Zerboni made her international debut at the age of 30 in 2017, Pickett, a field player, has made her USA debut at the age of 28. According to the team, Pickett is the oldest field player to have ever made her debut for the USA after Zerboni.

Carson Pickett on winning her first NWSL trophy with North Carolina  Courage: 'Everyone here is really special' -

According to ESPN, U.S. coach Vlatko Andonovski said, “Carson did extremely well in training for us last week and with the management of minutes for Emily Fox that we had, we felt like Carson would be an excellent substitution, and I’m delighted that she was able to perform well for 90 minutes.”

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When McCall Zerboni made her international debut at the age of 30, she became the oldest field player to play for the United States since 2017, according to the squad.

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