Carlo Ancelotti Compares Casemiro And Tchouameni After Real Madrid’s Victory Over Celta Vigo

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At Municipal de Balaidos, there was a brawl when Real Madrid stunned Celta Vigo 4-1 in the second La Liga match.

Los Blancos played without Casemiro for the first time, yet they didn’t seem to stutter or slow down at all.

After his team’s stunning away victory, Carlo Ancelotti addressed the media and discussed several players, including Aurelien Tchouameni.

Tchouameni in action against Celta De Vigo

When compared to Casemiro, Aurelien Tchouameni exhibits quite different features.

After Real Madrid’s victory over Celta Vigo last weekend, the person coach Carlo Ancelotti specifically mentioned was Tchouameni. The coach had nothing but praise for the recent signing.

“I’m thrilled for him since he performed well and had fun tonight”, coach Carlo Ancelotti said.

As we’ve said before, according to Ancelotti, he’s a player with a different skill set than Casemiro. 

Carlo Ancelloti

“He performed admirably…and demonstrated what he demonstrates to us in training”, the coach noted.

“He plays well, has good ball skills, and has character.”

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The midfielder performed admirably with [Fede] Valverde’s assistance; he is usually crucial defensively.

Real Madrid experienced some difficulty on the first day following Casemiro’s departure.

Casemiro giving instructions on the field

Without the illustrious midfielder, it is impossible to predict how Carlo Ancelotti’s club would perform, but the early indications from Balaidos were quite promising.

Aurelien Tchouameni, who started in Casemiro’s place for Real Madrid, attracted the most attention of all the starters.

Aurelien Tchouameni’s position;

Tchouameni in action

Tchouameni plays as a defensive midfielder.

The Frenchman has the difficult challenge of ensuring that Madrid’s midfield remains strong without one of the three players who have symbolized an era under the abbreviation CMK.

His ability to be an alluring player may convince Didier Deschamps to give him a more prominent role in the French national team. His availability will help to make the team more successful.

How old is Tchouameni? 

Real Madrid unveil the defensive midfielder

Aurelien Djani Tchouameni, who goes by the name Aurelien Tchouameni, was born on January 27, 2000.

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Born in Rouen, France, the 22-year-old started his youth career at SJ D’Artigues before joining Bordeaux in 2011.

How good is Tchouameni?

Since his time at Monaco, Tchouameni has drawn attention to his skills in the field of play.

He is strong in aerial duels, tackles, intercepting balls, blocking, and concentration. 

Real Madrid Vs. Celta Vigo Match Details: 

The hosts had five shots blocked and made a total of 15 efforts, so they weren’t utterly outplayed on the night.

But what distinguished Real Madrid was their accuracy in front of goal.

With a convincing victory on Saturday night, Real Madrid began life without Casemiro, and Carlo Ancelotti was all praise for the midfielders who are still with the team.

Real Madrid defeated Celta Vigo 4-1 thanks to an outstanding performance from Luka Modric, who scored and dominated the game from the outset.

Other well-engaged midfielders were Fede Valverde and Aurelien Tchouameni.

Comments of Ancelotti after the game:

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More than anybody else, Ancelotti is completely aware of what the team must do to successfully move past losing a player of Casemiro’s importance.

After last weekend’s 4-1 victory, Ancelotti said, “We have to consider the transition; it can be seamless or a little more forced.

“The young people have demonstrated that they deserve a place, and the veterans understand it.

“We need the patience of the younger players and the understanding of the veterans if we’re going to effectively manage the locker room. Modric, who performed to remember in Vigo, is one of these veterans.”

“He is unkillable.” He always performs well and is well-prepared. The game had been competitive and evenly matched before his goal, which altered it.

“They exerted good pressure, and we ran into some issues.

“In the second half, we became better, and our transitions were excellent.”

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